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Baby Laptime
19 Apr  10:15 AM - 10:45 AM
Enjoy delightful stories, songs, books, rhymes, finger plays and more, especially for babies. …
Family Storytime
19 Apr  10:15 AM - 10:45 AM
Share stories, songs and games for the whole family. …
Sing, Sign, Laugh and Learn
19 Apr  10:15 AM - 11:00 AM
Join us for singing, rhyming and signing. Parents will learn strategies to engage their childre…
Family Storytime
19 Apr  10:30 AM - 11:00 AM
Share stories, songs and games for the whole family. …
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EPL Staff Picks

{"list":{"id":"269282587","name":"EPL Great Stuff - Little Finds for Easter","description":"Easter's coming up soon, which means it'll soon be time to gather the family around, hide some eggs, find some eggs and get used to some lovely Spring weather. You likely have all of the usual treats ready, but what else can you add to the weekend!? Here are some nice little additions you and yours might enjoy this long weekend.","language":"en-CA","item_count":10,"created":"2014-04-16T20:24:13Z","updated":"2014-04-17T15:50:57Z","list_type":{"id":"TOPIC_GUIDE","name":"Topic Guide"},"details_url":"","user":{"id":"202546843","name":"EPLGreatStuff_Diego","profile_url":""},"list_items":[{"list_item_type":"title","title":{"id":"482153005","title":"Easter Parade","sub_title":"","format":{"id":"BK","name":"Book"},"details_url":"","publication_date":"2003","authors":[{"name":"Berlin, Irving"}],"isbns":["0060291265","0060291257"],"primary_language":{"name":"English"},"original_script":{"sub_title":""}},"annotation":"Let's start off with a simple little story to share, just perfect for little readers and little hands. It's Irving Berlin's Easter Parade set to illustrations, giving us a little treat that's musical, wholesome and kind. There's certainly a lot of bunnies on this list, but if you just need a small dose, this should likely be the one you reach for."},{"list_item_type":"title","title":{"id":"673206005","title":"All New Crafts for Easter","sub_title":"","format":{"id":"BK","name":"Book"},"details_url":"","publication_date":"2004","authors":[{"name":"Ross, Kathy"}],"isbns":["0761323929","0761329218","9780761329213"],"primary_language":{"name":"English"},"original_script":{"sub_title":""}},"annotation":"A book to keep little hands busy and perhaps even make some keepsakes you'd like to have."},{"list_item_type":"title","title":{"id":"683230005","title":"The Complete Tales of Peter Rabbit and Other Favorite Stories","sub_title":"","format":{"id":"BK","name":"Book"},"details_url":"","publication_date":"1986","authors":[{"name":"Potter, Beatrix"}],"isbns":["9780762431618"],"primary_language":{"name":"English"},"original_script":{"sub_title":""}},"annotation":"No, it's not an Easter title, officially, but when we're dealing with rabbits and the young readers that like them, Potter's Peter Rabbit is still the granddaddy of them all. Some values may have changed since then, but children are pretty forgiving, and these stories are still strong enough to capture imaginations."},{"list_item_type":"title","title":{"id":"803012005","title":"The First Easter Rabbit","sub_title":"","format":{"id":"DVD","name":"DVD"},"details_url":"","publication_date":"2010","authors":[],"isbns":["1419890212","9781419890215"],"upcs":["883929101047"],"primary_language":{"name":"English"},"original_script":{"sub_title":""}},"annotation":"Everything Rankin/Bass conflicts me somewhat because, unlike Beatrix Potter, the values in their cartoons can be pretty cornball. But on the other hand... holy smokes, they're so earnest in everything they produce. They just mean every frame of it. So you could actually feel good about leaving your kids to watch it, which may be necessary, because you might want to do something else in the other room."},{"list_item_type":"title","title":{"id":"955221005","title":"E. Aster Bunnymund and the Warrior Eggs at the Earth's Core!","sub_title":"","format":{"id":"BK","name":"Book"},"details_url":"","publication_date":"2012","authors":[{"name":"Joyce, William"}],"isbns":["9781442430501"],"primary_language":{"name":"English"},"original_script":{"sub_title":""}},"annotation":"And then you have the opposite entirely here. I mean, it's not the Easter Bunny you grew up with, but... Adventure! Martial arts! WARRIOR EGGS! I'd have been all over this as a kid, and I'm certainly leaning towards it as an adult. Part of the inspiration for the film Rise of the Guardians."},{"list_item_type":"title","title":{"id":"559951005","title":"The Matzo Ball Boy","sub_title":"","format":{"id":"BK","name":"Book"},"details_url":"","publication_date":"2005","authors":[{"name":"Shulman, Lisa"}],"isbns":["0525471693"],"primary_language":{"name":"English"},"original_script":{"sub_title":""}},"annotation":"Perhaps we should have more fun, irreverent things for Passover, but please accept Matzo Ball Boy, who is like the Gingerbread Man, except hilarious and unleavened. "},{"list_item_type":"title","title":{"id":"794382005","title":"La resurrezione","sub_title":"","format":{"id":"MUSIC_CD","name":"Music CD"},"details_url":"","publication_date":"2009","authors":[{"name":"Handel, George Frideric"}],"primary_language":{"name":"Italian"},"original_script":{"sub_title":""}},"annotation":"Let's switch gears here. There's so much wonderful Easter music out there, like Handel's Resurrection. If you're not familiar with it - it's JOYOUS. It is just happy, thriving, beautiful Spring music, and just that much more entrancing to those who consider the original context."},{"list_item_type":"title","title":{"id":"650902005","title":"An Easter album","sub_title":"a timeless collection of Easter classics","format":{"id":"MUSIC_ONLINE","name":"Streaming Music"},"details_url":"","publication_date":"2007","authors":[],"primary_language":{"name":"Latin"},"original_script":{"sub_title":""}},"annotation":"Or why settle for just one source? Naxos has a great collection of Easter music to stream through this link, so you could easily enjoy these all holiday long."},{"list_item_type":"title","title":{"id":"424609005","title":"Lamb","sub_title":"The Gospel According to Biff, Christ's Childhood Pal","format":{"id":"BK","name":"Book"},"details_url":"","publication_date":"2002","authors":[{"name":"Moore, Christopher"}],"isbns":["0380978407","9780380813810","0380813815"],"primary_language":{"name":"English"},"original_script":{"sub_title":""}},"annotation":"It's not everyone's cup of tea, which is a shame, because it's easily the best thing Moore's written to date. It's a novel that considers the life of Jesus between three and 30 (a bit of a lost period in the New Testament), and proceeds to treat him respectfully - according to all of the pratfalls to Jesus' friend Biff, another editing casualty. There's a road trip to locate the Three Kings, adventure and thrills and Jesus developing his own martial art (a peaceful one). It's not the standard Christ story, but still miles away from blasphemy."},{"list_item_type":"title","title":{"id":"600380005","title":"Easter Parade","sub_title":"","format":{"id":"DVD","name":"DVD"},"details_url":"","publication_date":"2005","authors":[],"isbns":["0790798972"],"upcs":["012569707221"],"primary_language":{"name":"English"},"original_script":{"sub_title":""}},"annotation":"And now we're back to Irving Berlin's Easter Parade, except as a fine film with Judy Garland and Fred Astaire, a show business love story that takes place around Easter. What's not to like here? It's Garland in fine form, Astaire coming out of retirement and some beautiful Berlin music, including \u0026quot;Steppin' Out With My Baby.\u0026quot; Might even be the film you choose to pop in for the family after the big Easter dinner!"}]}}
The Gospel According to Biff, Christ's Childhood Pal
Moore, Christopher
Book - 2002