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Sing, Sign, Laugh and Learn
20 Aug  10:10 AM - 10:55 AM
Join us for singing, rhyming and signing. Parents will learn strategies to engage their childre…
Baby Laptime
20 Aug  10:15 AM - 10:45 AM
Enjoy delightful stories, songs, books, rhymes, finger plays and more, especially for babies. C…
Sing, Sign, Laugh and Learn
20 Aug  10:15 AM - 11:00 AM
Join us for singing, rhyming and signing. Parents will learn strategies to engage their childre…
Sing, Sign, Laugh and Learn
20 Aug  10:15 AM - 11:00 AM
Join us for singing, rhyming and signing. Parents will learn strategies to engage their childre…
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EPL Staff Picks

{"list":{"id":"307947442","name":"EPL Great Stuff: Run! Run! Run!","description":"This list goes out to all those running the Edmonton Marathon on August 24 (or any marathon, for that matter). May these stories about pounding the pavement inspire you to lace up your sneakers and give it your all!","language":"en-CA","item_count":10,"created":"2014-07-19T21:02:52Z","updated":"2014-08-08T16:24:43Z","list_type":{"id":"TOP_10","name":"Top 10 List"},"details_url":"","user":{"id":"200012153","name":"EPLGreatStuff_Julie","profile_url":""},"list_items":[{"list_item_type":"title","title":{"id":"810144005908","title":"Once A Runner","sub_title":"A Novel","format":{"id":"BK","name":"Book"},"details_url":"","publication_date":"2009","authors":[{"name":"Parker, John L."}],"isbns":["1416597883","9781416597889"],"primary_language":{"name":"English"},"original_script":{"sub_title":""}},"annotation":"Once A Runner is basically a cult classic for all runners. If you are a runner, and you haven't read it, well, you'd better start your reading here."},{"list_item_type":"title","title":{"id":"746316005908","title":"Born to Run","sub_title":"A Hidden Tribe, Superathletes, and the Greatest Race the World Has Never Seen","format":{"id":"BK","name":"Book"},"details_url":"","publication_date":"2009","authors":[{"name":"McDougall, Christopher"}],"isbns":["9780307266309"],"primary_language":{"name":"English"},"original_script":{"sub_title":""}},"annotation":"This is a story about human endurance and the theory that our bodies were "born to run." Yes, most people will laugh at this idea, and think: "if my body was born to run why does it hurt so much?"  However, I promise you that you'll finish this book with a whole new outlook, not only about the way you run but also your diet and what you wear on your feet."},{"list_item_type":"title","title":{"id":"932022005908","title":"Running the Rift","sub_title":"A Novel","format":{"id":"BK","name":"Book"},"details_url":"","publication_date":"2012","authors":[{"name":"Benaron, Naomi"}],"isbns":["9781443409711"],"primary_language":{"name":"English"},"original_script":{"sub_title":""}},"annotation":"Some people run for pleasures, while others run to save their lives. An inspiring story about the Rwanda genocide, and a young boy who dreams of becoming his country\u2019s first Olympic medal winner in track. An amazing book that will inspire even an avid couch potato to get up and run. "},{"list_item_type":"title","title":{"id":"1206865005908","title":"Running Like A Girl","sub_title":"Notes on Learning to Run","format":{"id":"BK","name":"Book"},"details_url":"","publication_date":"2013","authors":[{"name":"Heminsley, Alexandra"}],"isbns":["9781451697124","1451697120"],"primary_language":{"name":"English"},"original_script":{"sub_title":""}},"annotation":"A funny, honest, and emotional read that will appeal to not only newbies but also seasoned runners. All runners had to start somewhere and Heminsley is hilariously honest about how she got started and how she persevered. Yes, it is normal to curse and shed a few tears on a run!"},{"list_item_type":"title","title":{"id":"865729005908","title":"Unbroken","sub_title":"A World War II Story of Survival, Resilience, and Redemption","format":{"id":"BK","name":"Book"},"details_url":"","publication_date":"2010","authors":[{"name":"Hillenbrand, Laura"}],"isbns":["9781400064168"],"primary_language":{"name":"English"},"original_script":{"sub_title":""}},"annotation":"A runner, a WWII pilot, and a prisoner of war, Louis Zamperini survived it all. If you need a little inspiration on your run, download the audiobook and you won't ever want to stop (seriously, I spent the entire book screeching with excitement). "},{"list_item_type":"title","title":{"id":"881676005908","title":"The Running Dream","sub_title":"","format":{"id":"BK","name":"Book"},"details_url":"","publication_date":"2011","authors":[{"name":"Van Draanen, Wendelin"}],"isbns":["9780375866678","9780375966675","9780375866289"],"primary_language":{"name":"English"},"original_script":{"sub_title":""}},"annotation":"Another inspirational novel, this one about a girl who learns to run again after losing her leg in a car accident. A book that gets to the heart of what it means to love to run and what one can overcome to get back out there."},{"list_item_type":"title","title":{"id":"675736005908","title":"What I Talk About When I Talk About Running","sub_title":"A Memoir","format":{"id":"BK","name":"Book"},"details_url":"","publication_date":"2008","authors":[{"name":"Murakami, Haruki"}],"isbns":["9780385666275"],"primary_language":{"name":"English"},"original_script":{"sub_title":""}},"annotation":"Every time I go for a run, I ponder this question\u2013what do I talk about? Okay, I mostly talk about what part of my body is aching or the awful weather. Obviously, I do not talk about running as eloquently as Murakami does. I'll leave it to the literary expert to explain."},{"list_item_type":"title","title":{"id":"76462005908","title":"Forrest Gump","sub_title":"","format":{"id":"BK","name":"Book"},"details_url":"","publication_date":"1986","authors":[{"name":"Groom, Winston"}],"isbns":["0743453255","0671894455","0385231342"],"primary_language":{"name":"English"},"original_script":{"sub_title":""}},"annotation":"I believe that everyone at some point during a run has thought to themselves\u2013"run, Forrest, run." A book that will forever inspire people to just run."},{"list_item_type":"title","title":{"id":"1007034005908","title":"Running With the Kenyans","sub_title":"Passion, Adventure, and the Secrets of the Fastest People on Earth","format":{"id":"BK","name":"Book"},"details_url":"","publication_date":"2012","authors":[{"name":"Finn, Adharanand"}],"isbns":["0345528794","9780345528797"],"primary_language":{"name":"English"},"original_script":{"sub_title":""}},"annotation":"Caution: this book may inspire you to pack your bags, and move to Kenya, both to run, and explore the beautiful country."},{"list_item_type":"title","title":{"id":"994936005908","title":"Eat & Run","sub_title":"My Unlikely Journey to Ultramarathon Greatness","format":{"id":"BK","name":"Book"},"details_url":"","publication_date":"2012","authors":[{"name":"Jurek, Scott"}],"isbns":["9780547569659","0547569653"],"primary_language":{"name":"English"},"original_script":{"sub_title":""}},"annotation":"Scott Jurek is a legend in the running world, not just for breaking records but for breaking records as a vegan. An intriguing read to say the least, and one that made me feel better about my vegetarian diet. See people, I don't need meat!"}]}}
Running With the Kenyans
Passion, Adventure, and the Secrets of the Fastest…
Finn, Adharanand
Book - 2012
Once A Runner
A Novel
Parker, John L.
Book - 2009
Running Like A Girl
Notes on Learning to Run
Heminsley, Alexandra
Book - 2013
Eat & Run
My Unlikely Journey to Ultramarathon Greatness
Jurek, Scott
Book - 2012