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Baby Laptime
2 Sep  1:00 PM - 1:30 PM
Enjoy delightful stories, songs, books, rhymes, finger plays and more, especially for babies. C…
Baby Laptime
2 Sep  2:00 PM - 2:30 PM
Enjoy delightful stories, songs, books, rhymes, finger plays and more, especially for babies. C…
Story Stop
2 Sep  2:00 PM - 2:15 PM
Stop for a story! This quick 15-minute storytime features stories, rhymes and songs - fast and …
Tech Help @ EPL
2 Sep  2:00 PM - 3:00 PM
Have a tech question? Drop by one of these sessions, where friendly library staff will help you…
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{"list":{"id":"321452327","name":"Councillor Andrew Knack Shares His Top 10 Video Games from EPL","description":"Written by Andrew Knack.\r\nFor those of you that know me I am a huge video game nerd and so I thought I would focus most of my list on video game related items as they have evolved significantly over the years.  This is not necessarily my favourite 10 titles of all-time but my current favourites available at EPL\u2013The Library Journal Library of the Year!","language":"en-CA","item_count":10,"created":"2014-08-26T19:26:16Z","updated":"2014-08-28T16:36:54Z","list_type":{"id":"TOP_10","name":"Top 10 List"},"details_url":"","user":{"id":"321450397","name":"EPLPicks_Guest_Topic","profile_url":""},"list_items":[{"list_item_type":"title","title":{"id":"1205633005908","title":"Mass Effect Trilogy","sub_title":"","format":{"id":"VIDEO_GAME","name":"Video Game"},"details_url":"","publication_date":"2012","authors":[],"upcs":["014633198058"],"primary_language":{"name":"English"},"original_script":{"sub_title":""}},"annotation":"My favourite video game series of all-time is made by Edmonton\u2019s own Bioware.  What makes this game so special is the fact that decisions that are made in each game have an impact on the other games.  All three games in the trilogy are excellent even though you can see the progression on the game design over the years.  If you pick only one item on this list to enjoy, it has to be the Mass Effect Trilogy."},{"list_item_type":"title","title":{"id":"1220561005908","title":"Fable Anniversary","sub_title":"","format":{"id":"VIDEO_GAME","name":"Video Game"},"details_url":"","publication_date":"2013","authors":[],"upcs":["885370662368"],"primary_language":{"name":"English"},"original_script":{"sub_title":""}},"annotation":"Effect allowed you to make choices that would impact your adventure, Fable showed us that North American RPGs can be just as good (or better) than the RPGs that we had been playing for years.  For those of you who did not play the original Fable on the Xbox, you can play the anniversary addition on the Xbox 360."},{"list_item_type":"title","title":{"id":"1166567005908","title":"Grand Theft Auto V","sub_title":"","format":{"id":"VIDEO_GAME","name":"Video Game"},"details_url":"","publication_date":"2013","authors":[],"upcs":["710425471278"],"primary_language":{"name":"English"},"original_script":{"sub_title":""}},"annotation":"The M rating on this game is certainly warranted so those under 18 should not be playing this game.  For the adults who are looking for a strong story with great character interaction between the three main characters and the ability to do almost anything you want - look no further.  The game is being re-released on Xbox One and PS4 later this year for those without the Xbox 360 or PS3."},{"list_item_type":"title","title":{"id":"1190114005908","title":"DuckTales","sub_title":"Remastered","format":{"id":"VIDEO_GAME","name":"Video Game"},"details_url":"","publication_date":"2013","authors":[],"upcs":["013388911202"],"primary_language":{"name":"English"},"original_script":{"sub_title":""}},"annotation":"Honestly this game would not likely be in my overall Top 10 games of all-time but it is one of the few games that I played back in the NES days that you can now get from the library in remastered form.  Ducktales would be one of my favourite NES games of all-time because of its excellent soundtrack and level design.  If you want to see where games have come from, this would be a great way to experience it."},{"list_item_type":"title","title":{"id":"1065003005908","title":"Dance Central 3","sub_title":"","format":{"id":"VIDEO_GAME","name":"Video Game"},"details_url":"","publication_date":"2012","authors":[],"upcs":["885370477030"],"primary_language":{"name":"English"},"original_script":{"sub_title":""}},"annotation":"For those that have Kinect on your Xbox 360, you have to play Dance Central 3.  This is from the team that brought us Rock Band so you can rest assured they knew what they were doing when they made this game.  If you cannot dance (like me) but enjoy a good party game with friends then you should pick this up.  The crew dance battles are the best way to find out who is truly the best dancer."},{"list_item_type":"title","title":{"id":"1171836005908","title":"The Legend of Zelda","sub_title":"The Windwaker HD","format":{"id":"VIDEO_GAME","name":"Video Game"},"details_url":"","publication_date":"2013","authors":[],"upcs":["045496903169"],"primary_language":{"name":"English"},"original_script":{"sub_title":""}},"annotation":"When this game first came out on the Nintendo GameCube it was criticized for its cel-shaded graphics.  Who knew that, because of its unique design, it actually stands the test of time better than most any video game that came out years ago.  I have been a Legend of Zelda fan for years and although this one is very different\u2013not just in look but in how you traverse the world\u2013it is actually one of my favourite Zelda games ever.  The controls do not hold up quite as well but the story and experience of sailing across the sea is special."},{"list_item_type":"title","title":{"id":"1077458005908","title":"The Walking Dead","sub_title":"","format":{"id":"VIDEO_GAME","name":"Video Game"},"details_url":"","publication_date":"2012","authors":[],"upcs":["894515001191"],"primary_language":{"name":"English"},"original_script":{"sub_title":""}},"annotation":"Anyone that says video games do not have great stories has never played The Walking Dead by Telltale Games.  This is not your typical video game because it is actually similar to the point and click adventure games that used to be on the PC many years ago.  The focus on the game is on the relationship between characters and some of the tensest moments are when you are deciding how to respond to something another character has asked you.  There are some very surprising twists that keep you engaged right to the end.  Without spoiling the end, all I will say is that I was brought to tears.  If you have a friend or family member who does not really enjoy video games but likes watching a great TV show or movie, have them sit beside you as you play this.  After the first episode they will be hooked and want you to keep playing through the remaining episodes."},{"list_item_type":"title","title":{"id":"896453005908","title":"Portal 2","sub_title":"","format":{"id":"VIDEO_GAME","name":"Video Game"},"details_url":"","publication_date":"2011","authors":[],"upcs":["014633365542"],"primary_language":{"name":"English"},"original_script":{"sub_title":""}},"annotation":"Do not worry if you have not played the first Portal, you can still easily jump into this game and enjoy the extremely funny writing by the team at Valve.  Stephen Merchant does an incredible job as your robot guide Wheatley and if you have played the first Portal you will be very pleased to know that GLaDOS makes her return.  This is not a first person shooter; this is a first person puzzle game using Portal guns.  The game is very intuitive and never gets so challenging that you want to throw your controller in frustration."},{"list_item_type":"title","title":{"id":"1135230005908","title":"The Last of Us","sub_title":"","format":{"id":"VIDEO_GAME","name":"Video Game"},"details_url":"","publication_date":"2013","authors":[],"upcs":["711719991465"],"primary_language":{"name":"English"},"original_script":{"sub_title":""}},"annotation":"Without a doubt this is the best game on the PS3.  This is from the team that brought you the Uncharted series but significantly ups the ante with the story.  Since I do not want to spoil the story I will simply say this, just play the game."},{"list_item_type":"title","title":{"id":"912356005908","title":"The Silver Spoon","sub_title":"","format":{"id":"BK","name":"Book"},"details_url":"","publication_date":"2011","authors":[],"isbns":["9780714862569"],"primary_language":{"name":"English"},"original_script":{"sub_title":""}},"annotation":"You might be asking yourself why I am placing a cookbook on the list after talking about video games so much.  Well, it is because I love to eat and if I did not eat, I would not have the energy to play video games.  My wife and I really enjoy all kinds of food but it is hard to beat Italian food.  Very recently my wife and I made tiramisu using the recipe from this book and I must say that I believe it was the best tiramisu I have ever eaten.  Bon App\u00e9tit!  \r\n"}]}}
The Silver Spoon
Book - 2011
Grand Theft Auto V
Video Game - 2013
The Legend of Zelda
The Windwaker HD
Video Game - 2013
Video Game - 2013