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Sing, Sign, Laugh and Learn
23 Jul  2:00 PM - 2:45 PM
Join us for singing, rhyming and signing. Parents will learn strategies to engage their childre…
SRC 2014 - Engineering for Kids
Lois Hole
23 Jul  2:00 PM - 2:45 PM
Want to read minds? Actually become the video game controller? Build a bridge? No, it's not mag…
SRC 2014 - Valley Zoo
23 Jul  2:00 PM - 2:45 PM
It's a zoo in here! This is your chance to meet, touch, learn about and get closer to some of t…
Story Stop
23 Jul  2:00 PM - 2:15 PM
Stop for a story! This quick 15-minute storytime features stories, rhymes and songs - fast and …
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EPL Staff Picks

{"list":{"id":"295515977","name":"EPL Great Stuff Non-Fiction Picks: She Blinded Me With Science","description":"Most of us, if pressed to a wall or apple tree, can't begin to remember Newton's first law, much less all three. \r\nBut that should never stop you from being interested in science, where all the great questions of how, when, and why are asked -- start with curiosity and move onto these new library picks.","language":"en-CA","item_count":14,"created":"2014-06-17T21:42:35Z","updated":"2014-06-24T15:43:13Z","list_type":{"id":"TOPIC_GUIDE","name":"Topic Guide"},"details_url":"","user":{"id":"201508234","name":"EPLGreatStuff_Nancy","profile_url":""},"list_items":[{"list_item_type":"title","title":{"id":"388156005908","title":"The Best American Science Writing","sub_title":"","format":{"id":"BK","name":"Book"},"details_url":"","publication_date":"2000","authors":[],"primary_language":{"name":"English"},"original_script":{"sub_title":""}},"annotation":"All the science you can handle and then some, packaged in a new anthology that comes out every year. This collection draws outstanding popular science articles from all around the publishing industry. Why subscribe to a gazillion science magazines when you can get the best all at once?"},{"list_item_type":"title","title":{"id":"1069961005908","title":"Scatter, Adapt, and Remember","sub_title":"How Humans Will Survive A Mass Extinction","format":{"id":"BK","name":"Book"},"details_url":"","publication_date":"2013","authors":[{"name":"Newitz, Annalee"}],"isbns":["0670066494","0385535910","9780670066490","9780385535915"],"primary_language":{"name":"English"},"original_script":{"sub_title":""}},"annotation":"Science is serious business, but what is more serious than the mass extinction of the entire human race? (Don't answer this question. Hockey season in Canada is probably just as serious.) Newitz looks to the past to understand how humans can better understand our possibly catastrophic future."},{"list_item_type":"title","title":{"id":"905105005908","title":"Wonders of the Universe","sub_title":"","format":{"id":"DVD","name":"DVD"},"details_url":"","publication_date":"2011","authors":[],"isbns":["0780681355"],"upcs":["883929200252"],"primary_language":{"name":"English"},"original_script":{"sub_title":""}},"annotation":"Before the earth collapses on us and sends us to our inevitable demise, remember to pay your library fines and check out this series to marvel at the vast beauty of our universe. In high-definition."},{"list_item_type":"title","title":{"id":"1099357005908","title":"Weird Life","sub_title":"The Search for Life That Is Very, Very Different From Our Own","format":{"id":"BK","name":"Book"},"details_url":"","publication_date":"2013","authors":[{"name":"Toomey, David M."}],"isbns":["9780393071580"],"primary_language":{"name":"English"},"original_script":{"sub_title":""}},"annotation":"What is weird life? Your next door neighbour does not qualify, but some of the strangest, most bizarre creatures on earth (found in the deepest, darkest places) will fascinate you."},{"list_item_type":"title","title":{"id":"1174819005908","title":"Social","sub_title":"Why Our Brains Are Wired to Connect","format":{"id":"BK","name":"Book"},"details_url":"","publication_date":"2013","authors":[{"name":"Lieberman, Matthew D."}],"isbns":["9780307889096","0307889092"],"primary_language":{"name":"English"},"original_script":{"sub_title":""}},"annotation":"If you want weird (or in this case very, very normal), better read Matthew Lieberman's book on the evolution of the human brain and why it drives us to make connections with the people all around us. When you come to the library, no one is going to tell you to shush\u2014talk to each other and learn new things."},{"list_item_type":"title","title":{"id":"1116085005908","title":"Gulp","sub_title":"Adventures on the Alimentary Canal","format":{"id":"BK","name":"Book"},"details_url":"","publication_date":"2013","authors":[{"name":"Roach, Mary"}],"isbns":["9780393081572","0393081575"],"primary_language":{"name":"English"},"original_script":{"sub_title":""}},"annotation":"Just as you might take a busy journey every morning to work or school, so does your coffee\u2014from Starbucks to your mouth to your esophagus and then...well, better not mention it. We'll let Mary Roach explore the human digestion system in all its fascinating glory (or gory?)."},{"list_item_type":"title","title":{"id":"352553005908","title":"The Code Book","sub_title":"The Evolution of Secrecy From Mary, Queen of Scots, to Quantum Cryptography","format":{"id":"BK","name":"Book"},"details_url":"","publication_date":"1999","authors":[{"name":"Singh, Simon"}],"isbns":["0385495315"],"primary_language":{"name":"English"},"original_script":{"sub_title":""}},"annotation":"We live in a world full of baffling, incomprehensible codes, from your electricity bill to last night's text messages. Singh's book sheds light on the twists and turns of traditional codebreaking, combining history with mathematics with a very relevant look at our decrypted future."},{"list_item_type":"title","title":{"id":"607642005908","title":"This Is your Brain on Music","sub_title":"The Science of A Human Obsession","format":{"id":"BK","name":"Book"},"details_url":"","publication_date":"2006","authors":[{"name":"Levitin, Daniel J."}],"isbns":["0525949690"],"primary_language":{"name":"English"},"original_script":{"sub_title":""}},"annotation":"Music is a type of code too, and Daniel J. Levitin tries to crack it in this book about how music affects the grey matter between our ears\u2014how we respond to music, how our musical preferences are shaped, and what does your brain looks like on an MRI scan when you are listening to The Ramones?"},{"list_item_type":"title","title":{"id":"953583005908","title":"The Forest Unseen","sub_title":"A Year's Watch in Nature","format":{"id":"BK","name":"Book"},"details_url":"","publication_date":"2012","authors":[{"name":"Haskell, David George"}],"isbns":["161614601X","9780670023370"],"primary_language":{"name":"English"},"original_script":{"sub_title":""}},"annotation":"Science is another word for observation, and David George Haskell is the ultimate observer, as he takes notes on a one-square meter area of a Tennessee forest, tracking the flora and fauna that grow there. What results is an inspiring and thoughtful reflection on both science and the messy, beautiful persistence of every single thing to live."},{"list_item_type":"title","title":{"id":"1129243005908","title":"The Book of Barely Imagined Beings","sub_title":"A 21st Century Bestiary","format":{"id":"BK","name":"Book"},"details_url":"","publication_date":"2013","authors":[{"name":"Henderson, Caspar"}],"isbns":["9780226044705","022604470X"],"primary_language":{"name":"English"},"original_script":{"sub_title":""}},"annotation":"Medieval bestiaries were giant books that attempted to describe animals both real and imagined. But the animals in Henderson's modern bestiary are all very, very real, even if they seem too fantastical to actually exist. By the end of this book, we will all know what a zebrafish is and what to do if we see one."},{"list_item_type":"title","title":{"id":"1008593005908","title":"Spillover","sub_title":"Animal Infections and the Next Human Pandemic","format":{"id":"BK","name":"Book"},"details_url":"","publication_date":"2012","authors":[{"name":"Quammen, David"}],"isbns":["9780393066807"],"primary_language":{"name":"English"},"original_script":{"sub_title":""}},"annotation":"There's your darling, fluffy cat Mabel, and then there's the animal in the wild that gives you rabies. Not to make you paranoid but just to set up the stage for David Quammen's brilliant, engrossing book on animal spread diseases (like rabies, HIV, Ebola) and how nature enables them to spread (and what we can do to stop them)."},{"list_item_type":"title","title":{"id":"443205005908","title":"Dr. Tatiana's Sex Advice to All Creation","sub_title":"","format":{"id":"BK","name":"Book"},"details_url":"","publication_date":"2002","authors":[{"name":"Judson, Olivia"}],"isbns":["0805063315"],"primary_language":{"name":"English"},"original_script":{"sub_title":""}},"annotation":"Never wonder again. In this tongue-in-cheek book about evolutionary biology, disguised as a sex advice column, Olivia Judson answers questions from concerned animals while teaching us about all varieties and stripes of mating rituals found in the natural order of things. "},{"list_item_type":"title","title":{"id":"1243734005908","title":"Maker Dad","sub_title":"Lunch Box Guitars, Antigravity Jars, and 22 Other Incredibly Cool Father-daughter DIY Projects","format":{"id":"BK","name":"Book"},"details_url":"","publication_date":"2014","authors":[{"name":"Frauenfelder, Mark"}],"isbns":["054411454X","9780544114548"],"primary_language":{"name":"English"},"original_script":{"sub_title":""}},"annotation":"Did you catch Mark Frauenfelder's visit to EPL in June? Even if you didn't, use the opportunity to grab his book about how to make cool things from parts you can find all around the house. Frauenfelder redefines \u201ccool\u201d and his projects redefine science as fun for the whole family."},{"list_item_type":"title","title":{"id":"1069915005908","title":"This Explains Everything","sub_title":"Deep, Beautiful, and Elegant Theories of How the World Works","format":{"id":"BK","name":"Book"},"details_url":"","publication_date":"2013","authors":[],"isbns":["0062230174","9780062230171"],"primary_language":{"name":"English"},"original_script":{"sub_title":""}},"annotation":"SCIENCE: it explains everything. You heard it first here, folks. It's even in the title."}]}}
Adventures on the Alimentary Canal
Roach, Mary
Book - 2013
Weird Life
The Search for Life That Is Very, Very Different…
Toomey, David M.
Book - 2013
This Is your Brain on Music
The Science of A Human Obsession
Levitin, Daniel J.
Book - 2006
Animal Infections and the Next Human Pandemic
Quammen, David
Book - 2012