Doing Business with EPL

Any individual or company can do business with Edmonton Public Library, as long as they can provide the needed products and services in accordance to EPL specifications.* Contact information and vendor registration below.

Please Note: The above applies to business not related to EPL's collection of materials. Information for creators of books, music and other materials is located on the information for creators page.

Procurement/Tendering Opportunities

The Alberta Purchasing Connection (APC) is the official online source of EPL procurement opportunities for all suppliers and contractors.

Construction opportunities are also posted on the Construction Opportunities Online Network (COOLNet Alberta) by the Edmonton Construction Association.

Bid Submission Drop-offs

Always read tender documents carefully. Check delivery address before dropping off bid submissions as our locations may change.

Sustainable Purchasing

Contractors have responsibilities and need to understand how their work may impact the environment.

EPL's Sustainable Purchasing Policy encourages staff to purchase quality products, services and construction at reasonable prices while considering key environmental and social benefits of the product or service.

Professionalism and Fairness in Purchasing

Purchasing Division proudly follows the ethical codes of the Purchasing Management Association of Canada, the National Institute of Government Purchasers, and the Edmonton Public Library itself.

EPL is committed to ensuring fair treatment of bidders in its tendering processes and to providing feedback on bid evaluations.

Freedom of Information

All documents submitted to Edmonton Public Library are subject to the protection and disclosure provisions of the provincial Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (FOIP).

Procedural Barriers

EPL may not be able to do business with you if we are already committed to a contract with someone else, or if you are:

  • In a conflict of interest
  • Contracting with Parties who are in Litigation with EPL
  • Lacking required certifications, insurance, or bonding

Contact Purchasing Division

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