Radon Screening Kits Available at EPL

Edmontonians can now screen for a known cause of lung cancer in their home

For Immediate Release:

EDMONTON, AB, November 4, 2019 – The Edmonton Public Library (EPL), in partnership with the Alberta Lung Association and with support from Health Canada and the City of Edmonton (Change for Climate) are proud to launch Radon Screening Kits as part of EPL’s collection.

“We are pleased to offer a new free kit for residents to learn more about and screen for radon,” says Pilar Martinez, Chief Executive Officer of the Edmonton Public Library. “EPL is committed to providing easily accessible tools and resources to help Edmontonians in their daily lives. We are grateful for this partnership which will help remove barriers for those concerned about radon levels in their home.”

Radon is an invisible, odourless gas that comes from the breakdown of uranium in the ground and can build up in homes undetected. Exposure to radon gas is the second leading cause of lung cancer. Recent research from the University of Calgary indicated that one in six homes in western Canada have high radon levels.

“Knowing your home’s radon level is the first step in determining if you and your family are at risk. November is Radon Action Month and we are proud to partner with EPL and the City of Edmonton with support from Health Canada to provide Edmontonians with free radon screening kits.” says Leigh Allard, President & CEO, The Lung Association, AB & NWT.

Health Canada encourages Canadians to test their homes for radon to minimize risks of lung cancer. Using the new screening kits available through EPL, Edmontonians can gain awareness of radon levels in their home. The Health Canada Guideline recommends that Canadians take action to reduce the level of radon found in homes if the level is above 200 Bq/m3.

“All homes have some level of radon. The only way to know for sure if those levels are too high is to test,” says Kelley Bush, Manager, Radon Education and Awareness, Health Canada. “Projects like these screening kits are important because they help raise awareness about the risk of radon gas in the home. The ultimate goal is to encourage Canadians to do further testing, if required, in an effort to safeguard their long-term health.”

The screening kits are free and can be checked out at any of EPL’s 21 branch locations. The kits are for initial screening only. Long-term radon testing kits are required after the screening to confirm findings. Each of the kits available explain the basics of radon, how to use the screening kit and what to do after completing the screening test. The kits can be put on hold and checked out from EPL for a period of three weeks.

"Edmonton's future livability depends on equitable, healthy and climate resilient communities,” says Mark Brostrom, Director of City Environment Strategies. “All Edmontonians should have access to clean air and a healthy home and this program makes it easier for anyone to test and understand their home's radon levels, in order to make the right choices for their health and home safety."   

Anyone interested in borrowing a Radon Screening Kit can put one on hold or talk to staff in-branch.


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