Library Elf

Library Elf is great for multi-card families

What is Library Elf?

Library Elf is a free service for EPL customers that helps you keep track of what's due, overdue or ready for pick-up from multiple library accounts. View the demo.opens a new window  Great for families with multiple library cards.

How does Library Elf help?

If you or your family has multiple library cards sometimes it's difficult to keep track of all the items from all your accounts that you have placed on hold or all the materials you have borrowed.  Library Elf gives you:

  • A consolidated list of all your or your family's library loans and holds
  • Email and/or text alerts before any items are due
  • Email and/or text alerts when any items on hold are ready for pick-up

Please note that Library Elf alerts do not replace the key email messages you may already receive from EPL, but is a good secondary, consolidated source.

How do I sign up for Library Elf?

Sign up for Library Elf today!opens a new window  All you need is your library card number, password and an email address.

EPL subscribes to Library Elf, so the premium service is FREE to all EPL customers.