Sustainable Sites

  • Bicycle storage
  • Building designed around existing mature trees
  • Highly reflective roof covering reduces heat-island effect and impact on surrounding microclimate

Saving Water

  • Low-flow and electronic water fixtures reduce water consumption by 52%

Energy and Atmosphere

  • The building maximizes energy efficiency with natural light, LED lighting and high levels of insulation

Materials and Resources

  • Over 75% of all construction waste, including concrete and wood, was reused or recycled and kept out of a landfill
  • Over 15% of building materials are manufactured using recycled content, including the wood paneling used on the walls of the program room

Indoor Environment Quality

  • Over 75% of the building’s occupied spaces use natural daylight
  • Operable windows communicate with the HVAC system which automatically adjusts climate control while windows are open
  • Low emitting finishes were installed throughout, including paints, carpets, wood, adhesives and sealant