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Want a blast from the past? Get started tracing your family tree with vital records, census records and passenger and immigration records.

Trace Your Family Tree

EPL’s Tracing your Family Tree brochure can help you search for your family’s vital records, census records, and passenger and immigration records.


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Genealogy 101

Curious about your family tree? We can help! Start your research and get access to vital passenger and immigration records.

Summer Reads is Back!

The summer reading club for adults & teens is back on June 22! Learn how you can win prizes by just reading and completing fun activities.

Keeping Reconciliation Alive

Jun 19th | 7:00pm - 8:30pm
Citadel Theatre
Dr. Marie Wilson discusses how to further reconciliation across Canada with Chief Wilton Littlechild. Get your tickets today!

EPL's North of 52 Collection

Start searching.

Located at our Stanley A. Milner Library, EPL's North of 52 Collection is a collection of over 5,000 titles focused on the history and development of Edmonton and Alberta, north of the 52nd parallel.

Most of the materials in the North of 52 Collection are available to borrow and can be requested at your local branch. The Early Edmonton city directories and some items that may be too fragile, are not circulated and must be viewed in the Milner Library.

You will find a wide range of genealogical materials for researching family roots and local histories.

Our collection includes:

  • Family histories, the histories of northern Albertan ethnic groups, and the histories of First Nations, Métis, and Inuit groups whose traditional territories include northern Alberta
  • Business histories and histories of local organizations
  • Histories of northern Albertan schools, churches, and communities
  • Early Edmonton city directories
  • Works relating to immigration, settlement, pioneer life, politics, and government
  • Programs of performances and festivals

Online Resources

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