Milner Library: An Illustration

Illustrator and Art Director, Jason Blower, is known for bringing Edmonton landmarks to life through illustration – and that’s just what he did with EPL’s Stanley A. Milner Library, which reopened to the public on Thursday, Sept. 17.

After a stint as featured artist at the Riverbend Branch in 2017, EPL commissioned Blower to create a piece based on what the downtown branch would look like when it reopens in 2020 after the ongoing revitalization.

He was provided with a few renderings and participated in discussions that outlined what was important beyond physical representation of the building, especially given that the artwork is of the exterior.

“The goal was always to place the library within the context of its environment – how people know it,” says Blower. “There’s elements of community; it’s open and inviting.”

Blower's first step was to form the shape of the building, then determine where it would be placed within the illustration – not dead centre, not too high. He wanted to ensure there was enough space for the LRT out front, for Churchill Square to the north, and for the hotel to the south – aka context.

Then it was about adding in the details: the library’s brand colours, the people, the plants, the daycare group and even the epl2go Literacy Van.

His favourite things about the piece are some of those details.

“The view from Churchill Square will always be the most prominent. But I love the chess board in Churchill Square, the kids coming to visit, and the people reading outside.”

Not all of Blower’s illustrations are Edmonton landmarks, nor are they all city landmarks – but all of the pieces stand out as his.

“The artwork itself honours the things we appreciate,” he says. “It’s nice to be entrusted with doing things like this.”

Visit the revitalized Stanley A. Milner Library to say #HelloMilner in person! Watch our Milner Open House: Capital City Art video to learn more about the one-of-a-kind art installations at the Milner Library.

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