How to become an EPL Super User

Ever wished you could wield the superpowers of a Library Super User? Imagine effortlessly discovering the latest literary gems, accessing your seasonal must-reads and uncovering hidden treasures of the library's digital realm.  

Buckle up your book-loving seatbelts because, in this blog, we're about to unveil a whirlwind of quick and quirky tips that will catapult you into the ranks of Super Users in no time. 

Saved Search Set Up 

The EPL website offers a distinctive feature known as "Saved Search," enabling you to establish specific parameters like language, format and publication date. Utilizing these criteria empowers you to refine and tailor search outcomes according to your individual preferences. Saving searches can allow you to save time when looking for your preferred books 

How about an example? Undoubtedly, one of the most gratifying sensations is being the first to unfold the pages of a novel. However, achieving this can be daunting, especially when borrowing books. Here is a swift guide on configuring a saved search to show recently acquired books by EPL: 

  1. Log in to your "My EPL" account
  2. Locate the "Advanced Search" option (located beneath the search bar) and click on it.

  3. In the "Limit my search results by" section, make the following selections:
    • Pick your desired language.
    • Held at: Locations – Any
    • Available at: Availability – Any
    • Select your preferred target audience.
    • Date Published: 2023 to 2023
    • Choose your preferred reading format.
    • Initiate the search.

  4. On the right side of the page, click on "Save search."

  5. Personalize the search name (e.g., 2023 Books) and click the save button.

Once you have run your search, you can sort by “date acquired” and browse through placing holds or making items “for later.” You can access your saved searches within "My Settings" under "Account Preferences." 

Try Out Seasonal Holds

As one season wraps up, a true book aficionado is already planting their next seasonal literary escapades. Locked and loaded with holds for the upcoming seasons, this reader knows how to make each read shine in its prime.  

Here’s where the real genius lies: a timely calendar trick that rockets them to the top of coveted holds lists. Remember that elusive “The Golden Enclaves”? Well, using this tip, we were able to get to #6 on the hold list. 

Suspended holds inch up the queue behind the scenes, then it’s like letting someone ahead of you in line once you get to the front. Be sure to keep an eye on expiry dates and adjust as needed. It’s a timing game but get ready to up your reading game with these tried-and-true tactics.

Create Your Private Lists 

It’s never a fun time when you start reading the first book in a series, only to find out that the rest have not come out yet. What makes it worse is forgetting about that series altogether. To avoid instances like this, we recommend creating private lists.  

As the name suggests, a private list is only available to you. You can add the first book in the series to the list and check periodically to see if there are any new releases in those series. You can even create an annotation of the name and release date of the next book if that info is available on the author’s website and do a quick scan of your list looking for dates coming up soon to remember to check the catalogue. If you really want to break things down further, you can have lists created based on the type of genre to make them more manageable.

Other Catalogue Features 

New & On Order 

If you’re ever wondering what the Library is ordering next, you can find out by clicking the “New & On Order” page found under the “Browse” menu item. You can peek at upcoming books and mark them “for later” to remember to come back to it.

Award-Winning Books 

You can also pick up a book from our Award-Winning Books page. This is especially helpful for genre titles. It’s an easy way to be updated on what titles are considered the latest and greatest.  

Library Chrome Extension 

With the help of the “Library Extension” on Chrome, you can automatically search EPL’s collection and get a quick link while searching Amazon or Goodreads. You can add multiple libraries too to take full advantage of your ME Libraries card.  

Tips for Libby 

Get ready to level up your title game with Libby's nifty tags from OverDrive. They are your trusty sidekicks for the ultimate title organization. 

The "Notify Me" smart tag is your secret weapon for staying in the magazine loop. When those fresh issues hit, you will be the first to know with this savvy tag. 

Get Started as a Super User 

Becoming a super user has never been easier. Armed with the EPL insider tips from crafting savvy saved searches to planning with strategic holds, you are ready to embark on a reading journey like no other. If you haven't registered under the My EPL Account, then this is the perfect time to do so.

Your library adventure awaits! 

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