Getting Started as a Digital Artist with EPL

Have you ever wanted to try your hand at Digital Art, but don’t know where to start? Have you started on your journey, but are you looking for free resources to expand your skills? EPL has resources available for budding and experienced digital artists alike. With digital and physical resources, EPL has something for everyone! Come on a journey of digital art exploration with EPL. 

Book recommendations 

As Library users we know that books can be a great place to start a learning journey. Check out these books to get your creative juices flowing.  

For Younger Artists

Digital Art

The Basics

Beginner's Guide to Digital Painting in Procreate

Foundations of Digital Art and Design With Adobe Creative Cloud, 2nd Edition

Digital Art History

How Photography Became Contemporary Art

The Unusual

Wen Redmond's Digital Fiber Art

Digital resources 

Going beyond books to digital resources and courses will elevate your learning journey and expand the scope of digital art topics to include all the latest technological advancements.  

Gale Courses and Digital Photography

Gale Courses is an amazing free resource for EPL card holders. Through Gale courses, you can access an unlimited number of six-week courses on a large variety of topics. For Digital Artists there are many classes on the topic of digital photography including, “Mastering Your Digital SLR or Mirrorless Camera,” “Photographing People with Your Digital Camera,” “Photoshop CC for the Digital Photographer” and many more.   

Check out Gale Courses and start learning about digital photography today! 

LinkedIn Learning 

LinkedIn Learning is a collection of courses and videos that can be accessed for free anytime by library users. LinkedIn Learning has a broad range of topics including Animation and Illustration, Photography, Graphic Design and more. Courses can be completed for certificates and users can also access specific topics in a course for quick learning.  

For Digital Artists, LinkedIn Learning is a go-to resource for software learning and skill development. Course topics range from software learning (“Illustrator 2023 Essential Training”) to colour theory (“Color and Cultural Connections”). There is so much to explore in LinkedIn Learning, we encourage you to find your new passion today! 

Branch resources 

Access to learning about digital art software and topics is great, however, access to these resources and technologies can be expensive and sometimes you want a little extra support. EPL has many classes on the topics of Computers, Technology, Making and Creating. These classes are held in branches across EPL and are a great opportunity to build community and learn from other digital artists and technology learners.  

EPL not only has amazing digital resources and classes to access but also has iMac creative computers at select branches with software for any Digital Artist need.  

Software available at EPL iMacs 

Adobe Creative Cloud 3D Modeling, CAD                     

and Graphics Editing

Video Editing  Audio and Music Editing
After Effects Blender Final Cut Pro   Ableton Live 10
Illustrator  Cricut Design Space  HandBrake  Audacity
InDesign Fusion 360 iMovie  FL Studio
Photoshop Prusa Slicer DaVinci Garage Band
Premiere Pro   Resolve  Logic Pro
Premiere Rush     Musecore
      Serato Studio 

Branches with iMacs 

EPL has many resources for Digital Artists at all levels. Go to or come to your local branch to check out your options today!