The Slippery Summer Slide

Written by Shelby Quinlan, Library Assistant As a teacher turned library assistant myself, I know first-hand about the summer slide.  Not the fun summer slide where you spend all summer at the waterpark, but the tricky summer slide where students’ brains become a little doughier after bingeing on Netflix and Minecraft all summer. Studies show […]

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The Gift My Mom Gave Me

Written by Susan Chau, Community Librarian Being a mom is one of the hardest roles there is. It’s wonderful that once a year in May moms get to feel extra special and appreciated with flowers, phone calls and breakfast in bed. As Mother’s Day approaches, I’m hearing heartwarming stories from customers who shared their first […]

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Have You Felt the Orange Crush?

Written by Caroline Land Now that the Edmonton Oilers have made it to Round 2 of the Stanley Cup playoffs, the whole city feels like a giant wave of blue and orange.  With golden goals, solid skating and terrific teamwork, the excitement has spread way beyond Rogers Place! If the playoffs have captured your family’s […]

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Free Family Day Fun!

Written by Nancy Sheng Jerry Seinfeld, that questionable observer of human relationships, once said that “There’s no such thing as fun for the whole family.” It seems rather obvious that the esteemed Mr. Seinfeld has never been a part of an Albertan family looking for something to do on Family Day. Because, the happy news […]

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