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What is Anthology?

Anthology is a literary club for the culturally curious. Anthology is a new kind of book club. Annual membership gives young and culturally curious Edmontonians (ages 18-45) exclusive access to the city's premiere literary events.

Anthology is also the primary initiative of The Friends of the Edmonton Public Library (FEPL). Established in 1991, FOEPL is a volunteer, non-profit society which promotes awareness of the public library within the community; seeks community involvement in the activities of the Society; acts as an advocate for the community's library interests; raises funds for projects in support of EPL and for activities of the Society in support of the library community.

For more information or to become a member, please visit Anthology's website.

Anthology Board of Directors

  • Salima Ebrahim - Chair
  • Sarah Chan - Honourary Chair
  • Erum Afsar
  • Rowena Cui
  • Tina Faiz
  • Mark Hoosein
  • Chelsea Hazewinkel
  • Kimberly Johnson
  • Ardyce Kouri
  • Beata Montgomery
  • Rupi Randhawa
  • Andrea Trendel
  • Alana Williams
  • Jill Scheyk - Board of Trustees liaison
  • Dr. Fern Snart - Board of Trustees liaison
  • Hannah Whittaker - EPL liaison