Access to Personal Information

The Edmonton Public Library cares about your personal information. Any library user with a library card and password can access and change their online profile information on For more information about information collected by EPL beyond your online user profile, and how to request access to it, please refer to the Request Access to Records page.

What EPL Collects

Library Card Registration

When you register for a library card with EPL we will collect information from you. The information collected to create a library card includes personal information and residency verification.

Personal Information is any information that can be used to personally identify you, such as your name, physical address, date of birth, phone number and email address. You can choose not to share your date of birth. However, we do use your date of birth to securely verify the account is yours if verification is required. If you opt to not share your date of birth we will require you to provide a current piece of identification if customer account verification is needed.

We will also ask for residency verification for your new account. Residency verification is a current piece of identification and proof of address. An Alberta Driver’s License is the most common form of residency verification. A piece of current mail can work to verify your residency, but only along with an acceptable form of identification. Residency verification allows us to determine which accounts can use our online resources because EPL's digital resources are only available to Edmonton residents.

My Account Registration

Use your library barcode (the numbers on the back of your library card) and PIN to log into your online account and create a username. You can use your library pin as a password, or register a new password after you create your account online.

You do not have to share your email to register for an online account. Sharing your email address will allow you to reset your password if you forget it and need to request a new one. An email address can also help you receive notices about your account. Once you add an email address to your online account you cannot remove it, you can only modify it.

The online catalogue collects any shared content you create in your account like lists, reviews, ratings, tags and comments.  To learn how to access your My EPL Account profile and modify or update your profile information, please check out the Profile Changes section below. To learn more about modifying your privacy settings please visit the My Account Privacy Settings section below.

Please note: When you create an account on our website the information collected is governed by BiblioCommons’ privacy policy and terms of reference.  We urge you to read over all the privacy information to better understand what information is collected, how long it is kept, and how it is used.

Borrowing History

The online catalogue will not collect your borrowing history unless you activate the Borrowing History setting. Once you have registered for an account you can activate this setting in your account profile and it will record your Borrowing History for up to 90 days. For more information on how to use and access the Borrowing History settings please refer to Profile Changes section below.

Electronic Communication

When you contact EPL through one of our online forms or use the Chat with EPL Staff instant messaging, you may be asked to share your name, email address, library barcode or other personal information. EPL collects this information to allow our staff to respond to any of your questions or needs, and to bring you the best customer service we can offer. Authorized EPL staff and our third-party services will have access to this information.

Some of our website forms are created using a BiblioCommons product. Please read BiblioCommons’ terms of use and privacy statement for more information.

Our chat service is provided through a company called Libraryh3lp. Please read Libraryh3lp’s user agreement and privacy policy for more information.

Profile Changes

You can access and change your personal information and privacy settings on your My EPL Account profile. Check out the tutorial below for descriptions on how to update and change the major components of your online profile.

Please note: The library does collect other personal information beyond your My EPL Account profile. You cannot access or change this on your own, but you can make a formal request to access this information. Please refer to our Request Access to Records page for more information.

 My Account Privacy Settings

The library's website and online catalogue have privacy settings that determine whether or not your interactions in the online catalogue are automatically shared with other library users. This includes items you rate, comment on or add to your lists and shelves. Items you add to lists and shelves default to public content unless you mark them as private.

No online users can see your borrowing history. If you do not enable your borrowing history, your online library account will only contain your current checkouts and holds, as well as items that incur fees.

It is easy to change your profile and privacy information if you have a library card and password/PIN.  You can access your privacy settings in the My Settings section of your account. Check out the tutorial links below for descriptions on updating and changing the major components of your online privacy settings.

Access to Online Resources

The Edmonton Public Library subscribes to a diverse list of online resources to bring the best content to your computer or device. These online resources can also be referred to as third-party resources and they are governed by their own privacy policies and terms of reference.  We ask that you check all third-party resources’ policies and terms of reference before agreeing to use their services. You can find links to the privacy information of these resources on our A-Z Online Resources list.

For More Information

For a detailed breakdown of all the information EPL collects, why we collect it, and who has access check out our Personal Information Banks policy.

If you wish to access or amend any personal information that is not on your My EPL Account profile you can request these changes through our Request Access to Records Page.

If you have any questions about the Edmonton Public Library and your Digital Privacy, please contact us.