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We asked you to tell us why you love us and you didn't disappoint!

There are many different stories from many different people from all over the city who use and love the library and we want to share them.

We asked some of our most enthusiastic supporters to share the positive impact that EPL has had on their lives.

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EPL Supporter Testimonials

We are overwhelmed by the amazing, heart-felt and fun stories you shared as well as the creative ways you showed us your love! Enjoy some of the great stories below!

"I love EPL because it is a magical place filled with doorways to different worlds, lives and adventures. EPL helps me share all of the stories I cannot possibly do justice to with my boys, and is expanding their worlds and minds by giving them access to anything their imaginations can dream up!"
Karleigh Stevenson
“I love EPL because I have the Liberty to borrow any book or movie I want. At EPL the choice is mine!”
Katrina John-West
“I love EPL because it's like visiting warm caring friends. The librarians in the children's section always ask how we're doing, tell us about various fun educational programs they're providing (that we're sure to attend) AND about events & places around the city. They've helped my 3 year old become an outgoing girl that loves books, uses sign language & creates stories. There she finds great books, puzzles, a train set, puppets, stuffed animals, educational pc games, crayons & coloring pages. She refers to it as "my library". Reading the books I borrow for myself from there is my break time. We both love going there. Thank you very much.”  Marwa Gameh
“Is having over 3000 "dog" materials on your shelves reason enough to love you, EPL?”
Blessy Mathew, Oreo and Lady.
 “When I walk through the doors, I'm at home. The books envelop me and I can just be myself, safely hiding in the pages and shelves, getting lost in stories. The library is happy to have me, and I would be incomplete without it. I love EPL.”
Erin Foster.
“I love EPL because girlfriends have come and gone, but the Library is a constant. She's clear about boundaries (no Sunday visits), but when she's open she's always up for a movie or a good book. If I'm ever late, she reminds me, and the penalties are never severe. Best relationship ever!”
Tim Dixon
"I love EPL because it gives me the whole world at my fingertips!"
Sara Campos-Silvius
"I work for Edmonton Public Schools as a Librarian. EPL supports me at work by doing presentations for our students to get them involved in both Young Readers Choice and Summer Reading Club. I love EPL because EPL loves our kids! Thank You!!!"
Judy White
  “My fiancé and I both love EPL because of its great selection of silent films!  EPL has a fantastic number of rare, hard to find films which we otherwise would not have the opportunity to enjoy! Thank you!”
Leah Townsend and Kyle Plouffe
I love EPL because horses are my passion, and you have heaps of horse books and information. I love getting things out to read and learn from. You even bought the book "Horse Crazy" I was going to buy for $25 at a book store! Thank you!
“I love EPL because it’s the best deal around. I save money because I don’t have to buy the books, magazines, movies or CDs I want – I just borrow them from the library.” 
Rachel John-West
I love the EPL because I am a lover and explorer of many different types of music from around the world. I find that EPL doesn't discriminate on what music it will bring in and I can always find really interesting Persian, Indian, Chinese, African, Avant Garde, Jazz, Pop, Rock, Alternative, etc. music that I can discover and enjoy without having to go and buy it first. When visiting any of the EPL location I always find something that is interesting to me that I didn't know existed or that I have wanted to get my hands on but haven't been able to otherwise. Thank you EPL, you are a massive resource!!!
Kevin Parkinson
For 40 years I taught all over the Globe. From Iran's Majid Majidi to China's Zhang Yimou, EPL DVDs rejuvenate my memories and transport me with ecstasy. Merci and Xie, Xie Ni.
George Millar
I love EPL because:
  • Everybody here is very nice and sweet to me
  • You let me have 2 hours on the Internet
  • I’ve got a lot of friends here
  • You guys are helpful if I need anything
  • Got a great staff and a great manager
Doug Robinson

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