Banned Book Clubs

Participants will read and discuss a challenged book and reflect on the importance of fighting censorship and championing intellectual freedom. Join one of the following Banned Book Clubs during Freedom to Read Week:

The Handmaid's Tale
- February 18, 2pm - Whitemud Crossing Branch

A Jest of God - February 19, 2pm - Whitemud Crossing Branch

Lives of Girls and Women - February 23, 7pm - Woodcroft Branch

One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest - February 24, 7:30pm - Londonderry Branch

The Giver - February 25, 1pm - Riverbend Branch

Maus - February 25, 7pm - Calder Branch

The Graveyard Book - February 25, 7pm - Lois Hole Library

Bad Medicine - February 26, 12pm - Stanley A. Milner Library

The Wars - February 26, 2:30pm - Jasper Place Branch

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handmaid BadMedicine TheGraveyardBook TheGiver God