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We understand the pressures of being a parent and want to make the Library a fun and safe space to bring little ones. That's why EPL supports families through access to millions of items to borrow, welcoming spaces, fun-filled classes and expert information.

Inviting Spaces for Kids 0-5

Each branch has a dedicated space where children can read, play and discover all year round. Visit your nearest EPL location now!

Children's Spaces

Visiting the Library with a Baby

One of the easiest places to visit when you have a brand-new baby is the Library. It’s a great place to spend time, connect with the community, and get advice.

Not to mention, it’s completely FREE.

Here are just a few things you can do at any of our locations across Edmonton:

  • Park your stroller inside the branch while you visit
  • Find comfortable seating or hang out – in the children’s section, in the program room (before, during or after a class) or anywhere, really!
  • Browse our collection of books, movies, music and digital content
  • Breastfeed (ask staff about a private space to nurse or pump) and change your baby
  • Attend one of our drop-in early literacy classes – our motto is “go with the flow” so don’t worry if you need to leave early or if your baby falls asleep, cries or needs a feed or a diaper change
  • Drink a coffee and connect with other parents
  • Get book recommendations from staff and advice about reading with your baby
  • Check out the fish tank – there's one at every branch!
  • Relax knowing you’re in a safe and welcoming space

We love seeing babies at the Library (even if they’re crying!) so stop by and say hello!

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Speak Up: Jump Start Your Baby's Brain Development

World Prematurity Day is observed each year to raise awareness of preterm birth and the challenges that families experience as a result.


Our fun-filled, drop-in early literacy classes run at every EPL location and help parents prepare babies for a lifetime of learning. Bring your little one to Baby Laptime, Sing, Sign, Laugh and Learn or any one of our many children's classes. It’s all free.

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Early Literacy Classes

Join us online for singing, rhyming, stories and more in our new early literacy classes.

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Early Literacy: Getting Started

Welcome Baby - Early Literacy

How can I help my baby?

You have the most important job in the world and simply by spending time with your child, you are already doing it well. Starting from when your child is a baby, follow her interests and cues to create fun-filled, language-rich environments.

Here are some easy tips to get started:


  • Snuggle in close while reading. This safe and loving connection supports your baby’s ability to learn new things.
  • Read daily. Pick a time they’re in the mood for a cuddle and book.
  • Read for any duration. Short, positive interactions are more important than long ones.
  • Read favourite books over and over and over. Repetition deepens understanding.
  • Read in silly, exaggerated voices when speaking as different characters or narrating.
  • Read books with interaction like kisses and cuddles.
  • Share books that have flaps, mirrors or textures and let your baby touch the book while reading.

How can EPL can help my baby?

Welcome Baby Package

EPL’s Welcome Baby program puts books in the hands of families across Edmonton.

Visit any Public Health Centre for your baby’s two-month immunization and receive a free Welcome Baby package, which includes a board book, a music CD, a tote bag and early literacy information and book suggestions.

Find more early literacy tips and free resources here.


Free Library Card

Get your baby a FREE library card at any EPL location. If your child is 36 months of age of younger, you'll also receive a second board book (also available in French) and an illustrated Welcome Baby Songs and Rhymes booklet available in five world languages. Download the electronic versions here: Chinese, French, Spanish, Tagalog and Vietnamese.

With your library card, you can take advantage of the many resources that can help your baby including books, music, audiobooks, movies, online interactive books and more.


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