Event Assistant Volunteer

Current Opportunities

There are no opportunities at this time.


Join with the forces of fun, professionalism and engagement on EPL’s Team of Event Volunteers. Use your versatile people skills and organizational prowess to make EPL events vibrant and successful.

Program Purpose

Assist in facilitating EPL events by providing support to event areas requiring extra hands.

Volunteer Responsibilities

All events vary. Volunteer duties include some or all of the following:

  • Set up or tear down event site, including tents, chairs and tables.
  • Food and drink preparation, service or clean up.
  • Counting attendance statistics.
  • Complete surveys with attendees.
  • Greet and be a friendly face for attendees.
  • Provide basic event information to attendees.
  • Work at a registration table.
  • Pre-event preparation, including packing and assembling event material.

Volunteer Skills/Qualifications


  • Enjoy working with the public.
  • Effective communications skills.
  • Patience.
  • Work effectively independently and collaboratively within a team environment.


  • Physical mobility for set up and tear down activities.
  • Proficiency in a language other than English is an asset.

Length of Commitment (Varies, depending on Event)

  • Event based, one-time opportunity.
  • May involve some event preparation time leading to the event, depending on the event.

Time Commitment (Varies, depending on Event)

  • One or two shifts.
  • 2 - 4 hours each.


Small events less than three hours long will provide volunteers with an orientation to the event and explain duties they’ll be performing during the event.

Volunteer Benefits

  • Make a difference in EPL events and the Edmonton community.
  • Spread the word about EPL.
  • Volunteers working with EPL for a period of one year or more with a minimum of 50 hours are eligible for a character reference letter by the volunteer supervisor.