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All of our Capital City Records artists are amazing, and we couldn't ask for a better collection of local music! The artists and songs that were chosen from the 126 track submissions represent the incredible talent and diversity in Edmonton. Now you can get to know a bit about the contributors to this piece of EPL and Capital City Records history:

Celeigh Cardinal


Celeigh Cardinal is a prairie girl through and through. Her heartfelt, biographical songs are carried by a voice that harkens to the golden era of jazz and blues. This Métis singer/songwriter is easily one of the finest vocalists to hail from the Peace Country.  Cardinal has 17 years of performance experience under her belt and two commercial releases to her credit. Her contralto voice adds soul and emotion to her performances and her personality and storytelling skills prepare audiences for both happiness and reflection.

Track Title: There Ain't No Way

Josh Sahunta


Drawing upon his influences of  John Mayer, Ed Sheeran and The Weeknd, the self-taught multi-instrumentalist and singer uniquely positions himself as a songwriter with substance. Since his humble beginnings in 2013 after releasing his first EP “Lights”, young and restless Josh Sahunta is no stranger to the level of intensity required to stand out in the music industry. Determined to consistently perform at a high-caliber, Josh somehow balanced playing shows and recording his album, while simultaneously working two jobs and studying clinical psychology full- time at the University of Alberta.

Track Title: Bad

Martin Kerr


Building his career from the streets, one passer-by at a time, Martin Kerr has been able to make a living as an independent musician for the last 10 years. Kerr is no stranger to taking his guitar, along with his busking amp, and setting up his CD store anywhere he could gather an audience. “To connect with people who left the house that morning not expecting to hear live music in the street, for a song to stop them in their tracks on their way get groceries or run to the bank, is a really special thing.” says Kerr. It has been these connections that have enabled him to build a fan base of loyal supporters who he refers to as more of a family. With their support he has been able to achieve things usually out of reach for an independent musician - such as selling out 2 nights at the 1700-seat Winspear Centre, and landing his latest album in the Canadian top 10.

Track Title: You're Amazing

Max Uhlich


Max Uhlich has been quietly turning heads in the city of Edmonton for a few years and his new album, Songs From A Jug, will go down as one of the best albums produced in his hometown. He plays an ominous brand of folk music highlighted by his impeccable whistling and unsettling, reverbed vocals. Uhlich’s voice steals the show as he delivers pure emotion through his odd delivery that sounds like a cross between Neil Young and Colin Huebert (Siskiyou). Lyrically the songs leave themselves open to interpretation, but a disconcerting vibe permeates over every track and hints at themes of depression and inner turmoil. He ties the songs together with imagery of weather, the evening sky, and natural landscapes. – Cups N Cakes (

Track Title: I Hate Eating

Nuela Charles


Nuela Charles is an alternative soul singer/songwriter based in Edmonton, Canada, known for her soulful vocals and captivating stage presence. Noted as “one to watch” by the legendary, Nuela has become an indie synch darling, landing 11 TV placements off of her debut album “Aware” alone! With a nod from FADER, a placement on the hit show “Jane the Virgin” and some comfortable real estate on the Canadian CBC Radio 2 charts, Charles is ready to release more of her fiery brand of cinematic soul, and if her 2nd single “Troublemaker” is any indication, it’ll be your next favourite “no-bark-all-bite” anthem that’s one of the year’s best showcases in sass.

Track Title: Long Way Down



Retrofile are twin brothers who make music! They are currently in the studio recording new material for an upcoming EP, set to be released this spring.

Track Title: Romantacism

Shout Out Out Out Out


I suppose it is not uncommon for a band to be a product of their environment, but Shout Out Out Out Out is certainly a group as rich in paradox and contrast as the 780 area code. Edmonton is about as remote an outpost of a major city as you'll find anywhere in Canada, yet close to a million people choose to live there. Why would anyone choose to live there? Why would anyone choose to base a band there? Maybe it's because it takes a band like Shout Out Out Out Out to embrace their surroundings and use these harsh realities as motivation to actually do something, and to realize that if you're going to try to do something in Edmonton, there is no point in doing it halfway.

Track Title: I Hope I Don't Find Out

Sir Quilt


I'm am an Australian who has lived in Edmonton for the better half of three years. I am a permanent resident and have been writing and recording music since my arrival. I also lived in Vancouver from 2010 to 2013. I am currently writing music with Joel Cain, and performing with him under his three other projects 'Beach Towels' and 'Still Waters' and Shade Shelter. We are also performing together as Sir Quilt with Cory Ward from (Deuce Fantastick) on drums. The plan is to record an EPL this year titled "Insults at the Elbow room".

Track Title: 80's Swish



After years of playing drums in pit bands behind Edmonton’s theatre scene, writing music for small groups around the city, and holing up in dark rooms trying to uncover the secrets of synthesis and sequencing, Talltale has stepped into the sightline this year with her debut EP "myfriendscallmeTAT." Working with producer Ari Rhodes of Cymba Music Publishing, and influenced by the likes of LIGHTS, Ellie Goulding, and Imogen Heap, Talltale is carving out her own space in the electronic-pop genre. Her distinct voice and clever songwriting have won her HOT107’s Hot Factor contest, as well as two nominations and an award at the 2016 Edmonton Music Awards. Her live show, displaying her talent as a vocalist, drummer, and guitarist, has earned her spots opening for Alyssa Reid, Virginia to Vegas, The Royal Foundry, and Trevor Guthrie. Her distinct voice is reminiscent of Florence Welch of Florence + the Machine, and her song writing has been described as honest, earnest, and quirky.

Track Title: Additive

The Denim Daddies


These five good ol’ boys who now reside in Edmonton, Alberta, are finding ways to satisfy the tastes of both purists and newbies of the country genre, burning up every stage they grace with outlaw-inspired alt-country that parties as hard as they do.

Track Title: Road Runner

Beach Towels


Beach Towels is a solo project of Joel Cain started in 2016, influenced by early 60's surf music, psychedelic rock and jazz. He is also involved in various other projects and bands, such as Still Waters, Shade Shelter, Feel Estate, Hawaiian Street Smarts, and Sir Quilt.

Track Title: Treasure

Cayley Thomas


Cayley Thomas is a singer and guitarist from Edmonton, Alberta. She just got back the inaugural Singer/Songwriter Residency at The Banff Centre and is excited to share her new music. Previous Cayley Thomas releases include a five-song EP 'Ash Mountains,' written after the sudden loss of her brother Alex Thomas-Haug. The album began as a private expression of grief but went on to reach audiences across the country. ‘Ash Mountains’ peaked at #1 on CJSR 88.5 and #3 on CKUA 94.9. Invitations to the 2013 Edmonton and Canmore Folk Music Festivals continued to pave the way for this ambitious artist. In 2015 she was selected to play at the Winter Lights Festival in Iceland as a part of a cultural exchange between Alberta Music and the Reykjavik Tourism Board. In 2016 she released her second album entitled 'Weird Love.'

Track Title: Imposter Syndrome

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