Talking about Difficult Topics with Kids

When major events happen, each family responds differently. Sometimes we use humour to cope, sometimes we search for facts to make sense of the world and sometimes we just need to acknowledge the new emotions we are feeling.

Whatever the conversation your family is having, there are books that can help you navigate these difficult topics with your child. Check out the lists below for children age 3-6 to find the right fit for your family.

About Emotions

“Familiar characters (like TV's Daniel Tiger) can be comforting to children who have experienced a lot of change. In this book, Daniel and his friend O the Owl are having a great time playing...until they hear thunder. They learn that when they start to feel frightened, they can close their eyes and think of things that make them happy.”

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“Lately, Whimsy has many things that are weighing her down. She tries to hide her heavy things or throw them away, but she cannot. Finally, Whimsy learns that if she breaks her heavy things down, they are easier to manage. This book would make a helpful discussion starter.”

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Dealing with Death

“When Fox dies, his forest friends are devastated and grieve. Then squirrel has a great idea and reminds his friends of all of the funny things Fox did. As the friends share their own stories, they realize that Fox is still with them in their hearts and memories.”

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Bad Dreams

“Children and parents will love the idea of the dream jar, it's magical because it gives you the power to make your bad dreams into Dreamy Dreams instead. A sweet story about a tradition passed along from Mother to daughter to little sister.”

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Moving Places

“A little girl moves from rural Saskatchewan to Toronto. Life is different in both but can she learn to love where she's at?”

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A Dose of Laughter

“A little known fact is that a dragon's favourite food is tacos. But NOT spicy tacos. Learn how to throw the best dragon taco party ever (but avoid those spicy tacos!). This book talks about ferocious fire-breathing, taco-loving dragons and is a funny, irreverent take on how fires start.”

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Forest Fires & Firefighters

“Inspired by the author's grandfather's experiences living in a lodge in the woods, a story of how people and animals survive a forest fire in a small Canadian town.”

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A Little Hope

“A little girl collects wildflowers while walking through town with her father. Each flower is then given as a gift by the thoughtful little girl.”

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