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Capital City Records celebrates Edmonton's music scene and its history. This special digital collection includes some of Edmonton’s best contemporary local music, as well as a gig poster archive and NTT Films' Dead Venues documentary. Anyone can stream albums and, with your library card, you can download your favourite tracks.

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New Albums Added to the Collection

Introducing Our Expanded Capital City Records Collection!

We're thrilled to announce the addition of over 85 new artists to our Capital City Records collection!

Explore a diverse array of musical genres and discover fresh sounds that will captivate your ears and uplift your soul. From indie rock to electronic beats, there's something for every music lover to enjoy.

But that's not all! With hundreds of albums already in our collection, you'll never run out of tunes to groove to. And the best part? You can listen to all of this incredible music online on the Capital City Records website, anytime, anywhere!

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Meet the Capital City Records Jury

Starting on Wednesday, Jan. 10, musicians will have the opportunity to submit their work for review by an esteemed jury of six accomplished activators from the local music community, facilitated through the Edmonton Public Library’s submissions process.

A powerhouse of industry know-how, the jury is comprised of celebrated artists, promoters, talent buyers, producers and radio hosts who've collaborated with some of the biggest names in Canada's music scene. Their passion for local arts has played a crucial role in helping Edmonton’s local music community thrive. Together, the jury’s diverse interests, background, and profound knowledge of the local music scene will help us create a collection that reflects the diversity and excellence of Edmonton’s musical landscape.

Bill LeBlanc (aka RELLIK)

Bill LeBlanc, better known as RELLIK in the entertainment world, is an accomplished recording artist, performer, and radio host hailing from Edmonton. With 11 awards and 35 nominations to his name, he has solidified his presence in the industry.

Boasting nearly 1000 performances and five albums, RELLIK, a proud Métis, stands as a prominent figure in the Indigenous music scene.

Renowned for his ability to blend genres and create distinctive musical landscapes, he is not only an integral part of the Windspeaker Radio Network but also the charismatic host of "The Tribe Drive" on 89.3 The Raven in Edmonton.  Beyond his musical endeavors and radio commitments, RELLIK actively contributes to his community, embodying a true family man when he's not on stage or in the studio. Time spent with his wife and kids is a testament to his unwavering dedication to both his art and his loved ones.

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Sarah Alemu  (aka Sare)
Amanda Gregoire
Leshan Masikonte
Tyson Boyd
Mallory Chipman


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Throughout the year, EPL hosts Capital City Records concerts, partnering with local festivals and music organizations along with hosting live music performances and music programming in our branches. Check out pictures from our past events and stay tuned for more information about future events!

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Riversides: The Capital City Record

Supporting Milner Studios

To raise support and awareness for the new free recording studios at Stanley A. Milner Library, we produced a limited edition compilation on vinyl, a first for public libraries.

Every element of its production was local. A jury of local music experts selected previously unreleased tracks submitted by Edmonton musicians and the record—pressed at Moonshot Phonographs—launched as an official Record Store Day release at Blackbyrd Myoozik on April 13, 2019.

The project was made possible through support of the Edmonton Arts Council who funded the album artwork and musician honorariums. If you would like to purchase a copy, please contact us at

About the Artwork

Jill Stanton is a Canadian artist and muralist, with private and public clients nationwide.

"For the Capital City Records album artwork, I wanted to create a dreamy interpretation of the river valley through each season. The black background help the bright colours burst forward, and the cutout shapes create an all-over pattern where small 'easter eggs' hidden in the composition pop forward with a second visual pass. The sihouetted figures interact with giant instruments and organic elements, heightening the surreal, dream-life feel of the piece." — Jill Stanton

Meet the Musicians

All of our Capital City Records artists are amazing, and we couldn't ask for a better collection of local music! The 12 artists and songs that were chosen from the 126 track submissions represent the incredible talent and diversity in Edmonton.

Celeigh Cardinal

Celeigh Cardinal is a prairie girl through and through. Her heartfelt, biographical songs are carried by a voice that harkens to the golden era of jazz and blues. This Métis singer/songwriter is easily one of the finest vocalists to hail from the Peace Country. Cardinal has 17 years of performance experience under her belt and two commercial releases to her credit. Her contralto voice adds soul and emotion to her performances and her personality and storytelling skills prepare audiences for both happiness and reflection.

Track Title: "There Ain't No Way"

Josh Sahunta
Martin Kerr
Max Uhlich
Nuela Charles
Shout Out Out Out Out
Sir Quilt
The Denim Daddies
Beach Towels
Cayley Thomas

How did we accomplish the task of selecting tracks for this album from the many amazing songs and artists in Capital City Records? A jury made up of local music scene supporters listened to all 126 tracks submitted to bring you the songs that make up this piece of local music history!

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