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Take our stuff home with you... and keep it!

EPL is constantly adding new materials to our collection, and we put aside any excess materials for our very popular Book Sales. The Stanley A. Milner Library hosts four Book Sales a year to give the public the chance to get some great deals on books, CDs and DVDs. Several times a year we also give you the chance to get these great deals at many of our Branches. Tell your friends and don't miss out!

Thank you for your overwhelming attendance and support at the recent Book Sale at our Stanley A. Milner Branch!

Next Book Sale

Join us for the first Books2Buy of 2017 at our new downtown space in Enterprise Square!

When: Saturday, Feb. 25 - Sunday, Feb. 26, 2017

Where: Main Floor of Enterprise Square (temporary downtown branch)
10212 Jasper Avenue NW




  • Paperbacks, kids’ books, audiobooks and CDs - $1
  • Hardcover books and DVDs - $2
  • Special items - Individually priced
  • Sunday Box Sale - $10/box (boxes will be provided by EPL and must close flat at point of sale)

Cash only

All proceeds from the Book Sales go to dedicated EPL priority projects, which is currently the Stanley A. Milner Revitalization.

Stay tuned for more information on Book Sales in 2017 at our temporary location, Enterprise Square!