Top 10 Reasons to Work at EPL

  1. We Share

    It’s our mission and the reason we come to work every day. We share with our customers, our team and our communities. It drives anything and everything we do.

  1. We want you and your ideas

We encourage employees to share their ideas and take initiative. We believe all employees can lead from whatever position they hold, with the intent to create an environment where each person is committed to the success of every other person.

  1. Mere mortals with superhero impact

Our superpower is engaging our customers and positively impacting communities.

  1. The best deal in town

Stellar service and convenience usually come at a premium, but at EPL it’s just a part of what we do: we provide a lot for a little and we offer it to everyone.

  1. Fluent in fun

We take our jobs seriously and have serious fun doing them. It’s easy to have fun at work when you love what you do.

  1. Inspired to innovate

We do big things without big budgets, collaborating to get inspiration from each other and the world around us. We improve and enhance our programs and services to adapt to the needs of our members.

  1. We’re proud

EPL employees are proud to tell you that they work for EPL. We’re our own greatest advocates because we believe in what we do. Every day we experience the difference we make in the lives of Edmontonians.

  1. We’re lifelong learners

We encourage employees to learn, grow and share. We provide opportunities for employees to learn from co-workers, trainers and outside presenters.

  1. We’re expert navigators

If we don’t have an answer, we’ll find it. Our team is sharp, smart and professional. We’re committed to connecting people to the knowledge and information they seek.

  1. Bigger than our buildings

Reaching beyond our walls to help Edmontonians is never just another day at the office. We’re community activators building bridges between people and the resources they need to be successful.