The Slippery Summer Slide

Written by Shelby Quinlan, Library Assistant As a teacher turned library assistant myself, I know first-hand about the summer slide.  Not the fun summer slide where you spend all summer at the waterpark, but the tricky summer slide where students’ brains become a little doughier after bingeing on Netflix and Minecraft all summer. Studies show…
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Great Spring Break Reads

This list is from Capital City Press featured writer SG Wong called Some Favourite Childhood Reads: "On his weekends off from working as a cook, my father often used the public library as a free sitter, dropping my brother and I after lunch and picking us up again just before supper. I suspect the librarians knew…
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Top 5 Favourite Gifts for Explorers, Tinkerers and Makers!

Written by Holly Arnason, Digital Literacy Librarian At EPL, we're always looking for opportunities to connect families with resources and programs that support the development of digital literacy skills. And just in time for the holidays, EPL staff have compiled a list of their favourite gadgets. This gift guide features some of the newest technology we’ve spotted to support…
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