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2015 Annual Report Beyond Our WallsAnnual Reports

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  • 2015 Annual Report with Audited Financial Statements PDF

Key Performance Indicators

eResource borrowing increased 19 per cent in 2016.

Economic Impact Report

EPL recently commissioned Nordcity to conduct an economic impact study of the organization. Nordcity calculated both the total economic impact EPL has on Edmonton, as well as the value that customers accrue by using the library.

Customer Satisfaction Report

Our 2016 Customer Satisfaction Survey received 721 responses, from which we learned that 56% of you have been with us 10+ years, you love using the library and 76% of you use our services at least once a week!

Our information also indicates the primary reason you use EPL is for entertainment (62%), followed by education (14%) and self-improvement (10%).

School-Aged Services Reports

In 2015-2016 our School-Aged Services Intern Librarian explored after-school services for tweens (aged 9-14). This report illustrates the findings from community research that engaged after-school program leaders, parents and youth themselves in responding to what tweens want and need from EPL. Recommendations focus service improvements in four broad areas: awareness of EPL services, spaces, collections and technology, and programming.

Workforce Development Services Reports

The 2015-2016 Workforce Development Services Intern Librarian identified service needs and potential partnerships to support Edmonton job seekers. This research project involved participants from workforce development organizations, EPL staff and EPL customers in the discovery of local job seeker services, EPL customer needs, barriers in the job search process, and services EPL should offer to job seeking customers. Recommendations are broken into eight areas and can be found within the report.

Digital Discovery and Access Reports

Our 2013-2014 Digital Discovery and Access Intern Librarian explored ways to improve the online experience for EPL users. Several reports were completed based on this research, including:

  • recommendations to improve the organization and access to EPL’s music CD collection
  • a comparison of content enrichment service providers, and
  • ways to streamline digital access through single sign-on (SSO).

Digital Public Spaces Reports

We want to evolve our digital environment, so the 2013-2014 Digital Public Spaces Intern Librarian studied innovative digital services at libraries and other cultural institutions in North America, and made recommendations for EPL’s digital service directions. The following reports contain these results and recommendations.

Library Spaces Reports

In May 2011 we hired two interns to study how customers use EPL's spaces, and give recommendations and strategies to improve services and adjust our layouts. The interns completed five reports based on their research.