Past Books2Eat Galas


Thank you so much to our guests who rolled the dice, took a chance and made a move at the 2016 Books2Eat Gala. Not only did you celebrate Dr. Eric and Elexis Schloss as Stephen Mandel EPL Champion Award recipients, you also helped raised over $190,000 for the Stanley A. Milner Library Revitalization!

A few memories from the evening:


Thank you so much for Being Our Hero and attending our 2015 Books2Eat Gala. We saw a few Bruce Waynes and Clark Kents in the crowd – even a super stylish Bat Woman – but Stanley Milner was the ultimate hero with over 50 years under his belt. Without your support, EPL could not have raised approximately $215,000 for the Welcome Baby program and epl2go Literacy Vans.

A few memories from the evening: