On the Edge

On the Edge is a speaker series featuring cutting edge research presented by scholars and researchers from Edmonton's academic community. The following presentations are presented with the University of Alberta's Faculty of Graduate Studies and Research.

Streams as Nature's Chemistry Labs: Three Case Studies Across Canada
Tuesday, October 23, 2018
Strathcona Branch

Join us for a short introduction to the world of chemistry in streams! This talk looks at the unique interactions between water and carbon, a.k.a streams, living organisms, and soils and questions such as: Why are streams in BC forests so carbon-rich, and what does this mean for climate change? What controls permafrost decomposition on a warming planet? And is fertilizer runoff from agriculture in Alberta affecting local stream chemistry and ecology? Come and learn about research methods, results, and more in this 3-part seminar on nature's chemical connectors - streams!

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Digital media is part of everyday life for kids these days. They use it at home and school, with many children preferring to spend their free time 'plugged in'. But how much is too much when it comes to kids and technology?

Learn more about the positive and negative impacts digital media can have on childhood development and practical solutions for managing how your kids use technology.

Jason S. Daniels, PhD is the Associate Director, Evaluation and Research Services, Faculty of Extension, University of Alberta and a member of the University of Alberta Speakers' Bureau. Jason has a background in research in cognitive development and has extensive experience doing research and evaluations related to a broad range of topics including, the effective use of technology in education, the impact of media use on child development, student engagement, and examining human development.

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Space is big! In this presentation we'll explore the sizes of astronomical objects in our solar system, the distances between them and where we are in the Universe.

Sharon Morsink is an associate professor in the Department of Physics at the University of Alberta, where she teaches physics and astronomy courses. She is also involved with astronomy outreach in the Edmonton area and helps run the University of Alberta's observatory on the roof of the CCIS building. She conducts research on neutron stars, tiny stars that can spin 600 times each second. When she isn't doing astronomy, she can be found taking photos of practically anything and everything.

Sharon has been a member of the University of Alberta Speakers' Bureau since July 2015. She speaks on topics such as black holes, in particular to some of the cool properties of black holes – addressed to people with no background in physics or astronomy.

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