Technology & Software at the EPL Makerspace

The list goes on.

The following equipment is also available for use in the EPL Makerspace:

  1. Two sound booths (one large, one small) - containing microphone, monitors, inputs, guitars, bass and ampopens a new window.
  2. Digital Conversion Area - Flat bed scanner & VHS to DVD converter
  3. Two gaming consoles (Xbox One, PS4) and two gaming PCs.
  4. 4 iMac and 4 Win 8 PCs with specialized software. See full list of software below.
  5. Electric keyboard including Novation Launchkey Mini 25 Keyboards and beat boxes with headphones – plus music editing software on computers
  6. Projector, projector screen, green screen wall, lighting kit, video camera,   digital camera – plus video editing software on the computers
  7. Lego Mindstorm Robotics, MaKey MaKeyopens a new window, Arduino Uno, Snap-Circuits and LittleBits kitsopens a new window
  8. Finch Robots which support different programming languages
  9. Nikon 3200 DSLR Camera
  10. Raspberry Pi Computer Kits (also available to be borrowed at all EPL locations)
  11. Oculus Rift Development Kit v2
  12. HTC Viveopens a new window
    This new headset technology tracks both your head and hands in a room-sized virtual area, and is the current cutting edge in consumer virtual reality. Create a 3D art and design, travel to far off places and planets, immerse yourself in interactive stories, and YES, play sweet sweet games! The HTC Vive is available by request in our Makerspace, and will also be part of EPL programming and special events!

Computer Software Available:

  1. Ableton Live 9 Standard Sound, recording and editing (PC, Mac)
  2. Arduino Developer Tool Kit (PC, Mac)
  3. Blender, 3D computer graphics, creation (PC, Mac)
  4. Kodu Game Lab, game design (PC)
  5. FL Studio fruity edition, music (PC)
  6. Adobe Creative Suite 6 Production Premium (PC, Mac)
  7. Audacity, Sound Recording (PC, Mac)
  8. Dropbox Client Storage (PC, Mac)
  9. GIMP with UFRaw plugin, Photos (PC, Mac)
  10. Handbrake, Video conversion (PC, Mac)
  11. Inkscape, Illustration (PC, Mac)
  12. Inform 7, Game design (PC, Mac)
  13. Microsoft Office 2010 Standard (excluding Outlook) (PC, Mac)
  14. MinecraftEDU, gameplay (PC, Mac)
  15. OpenSCAD, modeling (PC, Mac)
  16. Python 3.3.2, programming (PC, Mac)
  17. SketchUp Make 2013, modeling (PC, Mac)
  18. Twine, game design (PC, Mac)
  19. VideoLAN Player, video playback (PC, Mac)
  20. Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate, video/sound conversion (PC,
  21. Notepad++, coding (PC, Mac)
  22. Filezilla, file transfer (PC, Mac)
  23. Anime Studio Pro Illustration (PC, Mac)
  24. Manga Studio 5  Illustration (PC, Mac)
  25. Final Cut Pro (Mac)