Stanley A. Milner Library Revitalization

Imagine What's Possible

As the best library of today, EPL is continually evolving.  With your support, we can be the best library of tomorrow.

Opening in 1967 – and renamed in 1996 in honour of library champion Stanley A. Milner for his lifetime commitment to EPL – this branch is the heart of EPL.

The downtown library is an integral part of our award-winning library system with services and large size unique to its central location. Edmontonians can access the latest tools and technology to create, as well as our Outreach Service office that works with marginalized and vulnerable populations.

Our downtown library receives over 1 million visits each year from Edmontonians of all backgrounds and with a wide variety of interests.

For all these people and the thousands of others who use EPL every day, it is now time to transform the Stanley A. Milner Library into a space that better facilitates collaboration and co-learning, inspires creativity, spurs the imagination and fosters lifelong learning.

The Milner Revitalization has a total cost of $62.5 million.  With the City of Edmonton committed to contribute $52.5 million to the project, EPL is working to raise $10 million from the community.  Every gift brings us one step closer to our goal!

Investing in a revitalized Milner Library is a critical component for a thriving and vibrant downtown and an integral element in our city’s long-term economic prosperity.

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