Holds and Late Fees

Place a Hold

You can request up to 50 physical and 30 digital holds. Just log in, search for your item and click “Place a Hold.” You’ll be notified by email or phone when your items are ready for pick up. You'll have 7 days to pick up your hold(s).

No email on file, but want to add one? Sign up for email notifications.

Hold Notifications

Hold available? We'll let you know!

With your email address on file, hold pickup notices will be emailed to you.

If you don't have an email address on file, our phone system will call to let you know that your holds are available for pick up. If you don't answer, the automated call system tries to leave a message. If you miss the call and don't have voice mail or an answering machine you will not be notified.

Late Returns

What happens if you don’t return your materials on time? The following fees are applied daily on each overdue item:

  • Books, magazines, CDs: $0.25 on Adult items, $0.10 on Youth items
  • DVDs, blu-rays, Hits to Go items: $1.00 on Adult items, $0.40 on Youth items
  • Video games: $1.00

If charges reach a total of $10.00 or more or if you have 40 items or more overdue, you will not be able to borrow any more items, place holds, access eBooks or any databases.

If your items are really, really late

If a library item is past 15 days overdue, a notice will be mailed or emailed to you. If a library item has not been returned after 30 days, you are billed for the replacement cost.

It's important to keep your account in good standing so come into a branch or make a payment online.