EPL’s Approach to Ticketing

EPL has adopted a ticket-fee model for the Forward Thinking Speaker Series. Most events will now have a nominal ticket fee of $10 with all proceeds going towards EPL’s fundraising efforts. Ticket availability will be promoted two to three weeks in advance to ensure customers have adequate notice and fair access to seats. Tickets will be sold on a first-come-first-served basis.

The ticket fee was added as a result of high numbers of no-shows to our fully subscribed events. We’ve tried a number of approaches to prevent no-shows, but they haven’t been successful. The goal of the ticket fee model is to encourage customers to use their ticket because they’ve made a small investment in attending. Since implementing this change, our no-show rates have decreased significantly. 

EPL is a responsible steward of public funds. The Forward Thinking Speaker Series brings in sought-after speakers at a cost to EPL. Because it engages, educates, and enlightens our customers we know it’s an important program to offer; however it’s also important for these popular events to reach capacity seating. Our ticket-fee approach is another attempt to ensure full events.

If you have any questions about EPL's new approach to ticketing, please email events@epl.caopens a new window