Get to Know Your Candidates: Trisha Estabrooks, Public School Board Trustee Candidate, Ward D

We sent out a brief, fun survey about libraries to all of the nominees running in the 2017 Edmonton civic election to help you get to better know your candidates.

These are the answers that Trisha Estabrooks, an Edmonton Public School Board trustee candidate from Ward D, sent back to us.

Election day is Monday, October 16. Get to know your candidates, learn how you can support EPL,  and don’t forget to vote!

1. What is your favourite library memory or experience?

Being a new mum and knowing few people in the city when my husband and I first moved to Edmonton, I used the library as a place to meet and connect with other parents.

I remember walking around the Stanley A. Milner Library with a crying baby, rocking, shushing and eventually revelling in having a sleeping baby and a conversation with another mum about books.

I returned many times after that with my daughter while on maternity leave, knowing that I could always find a kind stranger to chat with.

2. What is your favourite book, movie or song right now?

3. What magazines, newspapers, blogs, Twitter accounts and/or podcasts do you follow?

Magazines: The Walrus, MacLean's and Alberta Views. I'm a big fan of the Alberta Podcast Network (The Broadcast, a podcast I co-host, is part of this network as is That's So Maven, a podcast all about female entrepreneurs.)

4. Which fictional character do you most relate to and why?

There's a children's book called Ladybug Girl. The main character in the book is told by her parents to figure out her own fun time. The girl and her basset hound go out into the world, create their own adventures and realize the freedom of being able to make your own choices and make your own fun. Ladybug Girl is bold and creative.

5. What is one book you think everyone should read and why?

Super Sad True Love Story by Gary Shteyngart. This book is a foreboding tale of a pre-dystopian future created by a society where everyone is obsessed with technological connectivity and themselves. Satirical, dark, yet hilarious.

6. What book is on your nightstand (or on your eReader or tablet) right now?

The Social Life of Ink: Culture, Wonder, and Our Relationship with the Written Word and Calvin and Hobbes: The Days are Just Packed (always a good laugh to read with my kids.)

7. Election Day (October 16) is also Boss' Day. Who was your very first boss and what was your job? What was one important lesson you learned from them?

My first boss was Robbie Shaw, the owner of a family run inn and dining room in Brackley Beach, PEI. I was a waitress in Robbie's dining room for six summers.

While working as a waitress, I learned the importance of having a genuine conversation and to never respond to anyone who snaps their fingers for attention!

8. What role do you see EPL playing in a thriving and vibrant Edmonton?

Edmonton Public Libraries are welcoming spaces in our city. For a city to remain healthy and vibrant it must create spaces for all citizens to feel welcome.

EPL continues to demonstrate the value of having a strong, open and accessible public library. I look forward to seeing the newly renovated Stanley A. Milner once it reopens.