Get to Know Your Candidates: Michael Brown, Catholic School Board Trustee Candidate, Ward 75

We sent out a brief, fun survey about libraries to all of the nominees running in the 2017 Edmonton civic election to help you get to better know your candidates.

These are the answers that Michael Brown, an Edmonton Catholic School District trustee candidate from Ward 75, sent back to us.

Election day is Monday, October 16. Get to know your candidates, learn how you can support EPL,  and don’t forget to vote!

1. What is your favourite library memory or experience?

My favourite library experience was actually in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. It was so great to access EPL movies and audio books using hoopla online while living abroad. 

2. What is your favourite book, movie or song right now?

I have watched so many great documentaries, family films and Canadian independent films from EPL that helped form my understanding of Canada and the world that it is super hard to choose just one.

I’m going to nerd out and say the Marshall McLuhan film. It might be called Understanding Media or perhaps The Medium is the Message, either way it was brilliant and the man had his childhood in Edmonton. You can learn more about him at McLuhan House.

3. What magazines, newspapers, blogs, Twitter accounts and/or podcasts do you follow?

I enjoy a lot of podcasts from CBC including The Current and Age of Persuasion, as well as The Minimalists.

4. Which fictional character do you most relate to and why?

I think I most relate to Ted in The Lorax. I love the quote, “Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better. It's not.” ― Dr. SeussThe Lorax

5. What is one book you think everyone should read and why?

Asside from the book of Ecclesiastes I would maybe recommend The Life of Pi. Also, as a kid, I was really into the Tintin series.

6. What book is on your nightstand (or on your eReader or tablet) right now?

I’m reading The Undoing Project by Michael Lewis and The Leap by Chris Turner.

7. Election Day (October 16) is also Boss' Day. Who was your very first boss and what was your job? What was one important lesson you learned from them?

My mom was the best boss I’ve ever had. My brothers and I were farm kids growing up and we learnt everyone can contribute.

Mom was firm but fair and you always knew whatever she asked of us was for our own good. We finished the chores first before play and meals shared together always tasted that much better after a hard day's chores. 

8. What role do you see EPL playing in a thriving and vibrant Edmonton?

EPL contributes immeasurably to Edmonton being a learning and sharing city, two hallmarks of a thriving society.