Our Committees

Internal Committee

We think greatness starts from the inside out. So we take care of things like our CEO’s evaluation process and EPL’s board development. We also review and improve existing policies, and develop new policies if they’re ever needed.

Committee Members:

  • Brian Heidecker
  • Nazir Mulji
  • Jeff Reynolds
  • Fern Snart

External Committee

We work to be sure we’re always at our best for every Edmontonian, so we’re always looking for ways to improve EPL through fundraising efforts, library related public policy, or managing some aspects of EPL’s many properties.

It’s also our job to advocate for EPL and work closely with our partners, like EPL members, Edmontonians, and organizations like the Alberta Library Trustees Association and Friends of the Edmonton Public Library.

Committee Members:

  • Jay Ball
  • Miranda Jimmy
  • Sherrill Johnson
  • Jill Scheyk

Ad Hoc Committees

Sometimes, it’s clear that something needs special attention, but isn’t covered by a committee. That’s when our Board gets to create special groups of library superheroes. Our Capital Funding Campaign Committee is a great example.

Alberta Library Trustees Association (ALTA) Representative:

  • Nazir Mulji
  • Sherrill Johnson (Alternate)

Friends of the Library Representative:

  • Jay Ball
  • Jeff Reynolds (Alternate)

Metro Library Federation Representative:

  • Ellen Calabrese-Amrhein
  • Jeff Reynolds (Alternate)