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Community Choice

Songs of Joy & Peace

Absolutely exquisite. There were 2 pieces out of 22 that were not winners in my book. Quite a few of the pieces are Christmas pieces, yet… More
shared by hagrid46

Some Nights

by fun
When I got the "Fun" album out I sort of anticipated it being the one or two 'good' songs and then a bunch of filler. But I was wrong. More
shared by Nords

Bon Iver, Bon Iver

One of the most interesting new indie-rock albums I've listened to in a long time. Bon Iver is nominated for a bunch of Grammy awards too… More
shared by Nords

Very Good Bad Thing

Love this cd. Monkey Tree is an earworm you'll get stuck in your head for days!
shared by QueenDar


I thoroughly enjoyed this book. It was a delightful read full of interesting quotes from other travelers and useful information for the…
shared by ladyoflorien


Anyone who likes a heart wrenching love story just has to read this. I could hardly put it down.
shared by gymgurl

The Murderer's Daughter

I haven't been all that impressed with Kellerman's novels for the past few years, but he's really redeemed himself with this one. Very …
shared by nannerl

The Abundance Diet

Somer, nailed it! I really dislike the word diet, but I will let that slide. I have made her cheesy potato soup, cheesy cauliflower and…
shared by BrandieF

Justice League Dark

This New 52 Universe launch brings all the magical characters of the DC Universe together as "Justice League Dark". A very fun read and… More
shared by BrianLaBelle

The Omnivore's Dilemma

Loved this book. Great for expanding our critical thinking and provides lots of "food" for thought.
shared by LizSJ57

Wherever I Wind up

Not a baseball fan, but I absolutely enjoyed this autobiography. Incredibly inspiring. Stories of redemption, chasing dreams and faith.
shared by andrewzo

Who Let the Dog Out?

Andy Carpenter is a reluctant lawyer with a passion for dogs and is partners in a dog-rescue organization with his friend Willie Miller. …
shared by MedinaReads

Knit your Own Moustache

Contains not only patterns for five moustaches, but also for beards, animal ears, wigs, and a paper bag, among others. Sadly, the patterns… More
shared by flameglimmer

The Star Wars Cook Book

Wookie cookies are my favorite!
shared by dumbledore

Etta and Otto and Russell and James

Oh, this was outstanding. Hooper is extremely deft at characterization, making each character real with just a few sentences. The jigsaw…
shared by Novel_Librarian
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