Capilano Makerspace

Our Capilano branch now features a small, but mighty Makerspace to help community members bring their creative ideas to life!

Staff at Capilano aren't experts, but they are happy to help you get started and learn alongside you.

Capilano Makerspace

The Capilano Makerspace features:

3D Printer

Staff at Capilano are just learning this technology and are very excited to share the exciting possibilities with the community.

Right now, you can see demonstration printing at this location.

Soon, Capilano branch will offer:

  • Classes and events to teach 3D modelling for 3D printing.
  • Printing objects designed at the branch.

If you already have a 3D model file ready to print and send to Capilano for pick up, check out the Enterprise Square Makerspace 3D printing service.

iMac creative computer

Creative iMac Computers

Capilano branch currently has two iMac computers loaded with software for bringing creative ideas to life and learning new skills - these computers are free to use and can be booked by calling the branch or inquiring in-person. We offer a variety of different software for different experience levels.

Through EPL's subscription, cardholders have free access to courses covering almost every major software listed.

3D modelling

Application Good for... Version
TinkerCAD Beginners (age 4 and up) Web-based
Blender Intermediate Free
Fusion 360 Intermediate and Advanced Education
Unity Intermediate and Advanced Free


Application Good for... Version
Adobe After Effects CC Intermediate 2018


Application  Good for... Version
Adobe Illustrator CC Intermediate 2018
Drawing Tablet (at Customer Service) Everyone Wacom Intuos Pro

Layout and Publishing

Application Good for... Version
Adobe Acrobat Document editing 2018
Adobe InDesign Intermediate and Advanced 2018

Music and Sound

Application Good for... Version
Audacity Everyone Free
Garageband Beginners  
Logic Pro X Intermediate and Advanced  
FL Studio 20 Intermediate Producer EDU
Ableton Live 10 (coming in 2019) Intermediate and Advanced EDU
Novation 25 Key MIDI Keyboard (at Customer Service) Everyone MK2


Application Good for... Version
Adobe Photoshop CC Everyone 2018
Adobe Light Room CC Intermediate 2018

Video Editing

Application Good for... Version
iMovie Beginners  
Adobe Premiere Pro CC Intermediate and Advanced 2018
Final Cut Pro Intermediate and Advanced  

Cricut vinyl cutter

Cricut Make

This user-friendly cutting tool can be used to cut your designs from a variety of materials such as vinyl, paper, and fabric. Make cards, papercraft, small fabric patterns, or customized vinyl decals!

EPL will soon have a selection of materials available for purchase and you are welcome to bring your own material, though we'll need information about the product type or name in order to adjust cut force settings correctly.

This tool and an iMac with the Cricut Design Space software can be booked at customer service or by phone.

Capilano's digital conversion station

Digital Conversion Tools

The Capilano Makerspace offers a workstation that has a number of tools to allow you to digitize analog media with relatively user-friendly software. This workstation can be booked for free and staff will help customers get started - one thing to note is that media is largely transferred in real-time.

It's recommended to bring a USB stick or portable drive to save your files - a disc burner is also available.

Currently, we are equipped to help people digitize:

  • VHS Tapes (including VHS-C)
  • Cassettes (soon)
  • Vinyl
  • Photos and photo film negative

 Capilano's sewing machine

Sewing Machine

For the first time, EPL has introduced a sewing machine at Capilano Makerspace! Currently, the sewing machine can be booked by inquiring in person or calling the branch. A number of staff can help people get started and we're learning more all the time. EPL will be exploring opportunities to offer classes in 2019-2020.

So far, we've had people try:

  • Hemming pants!
  • Creating a dress.
  • Learning a few basic stitches or the basic operation of the machine.

We have a small basket of supplies (needles, thread, bobbins, etc.) for customers to use but you're welcome to bring your own supplies too. The machine is a Brother CS6000i.