Ain’t No Party Like a PowerPoint Party

A PowerPoint party? Don’t we get enough of that at school or work? But while you may already be taking advantage of online video conferencing apps like Zoom or Google Meet to chat with your friends, hosting a PowerPoint party takes connecting online to a whole new level! And they’re way more fun than they sound, we promise.

What is a PowerPoint Party?

Here’s the premise: you and whoever you invite all create a short presentation — seriously short, think 2-5 minutes — on any topic you want. Then, you meet up on your video conferencing app of your choice and present them to each other.

We know what you’re thinking: when does this get interesting? The thing is, any topic means any topic you can imagine. An argument for why Edward should have ditched Bella for Jacob in Twilight? Totally fair game. The moral alignment of pasta shapes? Why not! PowerPoint parties are supposed to be a good time so choose something you’ll have fun presenting! The more passion, the better. 

Convinced and want to try hosting your own for your next virtual get-together? Here’s a guide to hosting your own.

How and When to Meet

There are many online video conferencing options to choose from! Zoom is very popular, but you can use platform that will let you share your screen. This includes Google Meet or Google Hangouts, Skype or Facebook’s new Messenger Rooms, to name a few. Just make sure beforehand everyone can access it.

Once you know how you’ll be meeting, set a date and time for your party. Keep in mind people will probably need a bit of time to create their presentations. No one should need to pull an all-nighter to participate!

Choosing a Topic

Choosing a topic is the best part of participating in a PowerPoint party. It can be as informative or as ridiculous as you want. Stumped on ideas? Here’s some inspiration from Twitter users who have already participated in their own PowerPoint parties:

"Which members of One Direction could I defeat in martial combat?"

"Why HSM (High School Musical) was not fabulous: a dissection of why Sharpay Evans was the true victim."

“A Definitive Guide to Who Can 'Get It' Throughout History and Present Day Both Fictional and Non"

Create Your PowerPoint

You’ll want to make sure everyone has a way to create their PowerPoint. There’s always Microsoft Office or Apple’s Keynote, but there’s also free options like Prezi and Canva. Need a refresher course on PowerPoint or want to learn more about some of the other options out there? Check out LinkedIn Learning, our online resource full of free video courses on all of the presentation creations options we’ve mentioned.

Unlike school or work PowerPoint presentations, you really can do whatever you want with these so have fun! Animate every letter or picture. Include every cute cat GIF in existence. Experience the joy of creativity and make it your own.

And just like that, you’re ready to party — PowerPoint party, that is! 

Love the idea or have a burning idea that needs to be expressed via PowerPoint? We’re hosting our own EPL PowerPoint party on Tuesday, July 14 via Zoom! Register here to join what is sure to be the most fun you’ll have with PowerPoint all year.

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