Fern’s “Crafty” Blog Post: #3SkillsYEG

One of the delightful opportunities within the Learning Champions group was the chance to identify a "learning buddy" for the #3SkillsYEG challenge, with whom one could share triumphs and stumbles along the pathway to learning three new things over three months!  Needless to say accountability was raised by having a learning buddy as well!

I've had the joy of having Sherrill Johnson as my learning buddy, and the two of us (plus Sherrill's patient and lovely high school-aged daughter Skylar) decided to plunge into an EPL workshop April 18th, "Re-cycle crafting".   I will immediately admit to being a fish out of water in the crafting department; Skylar was creative, talented and comfortable, and Sherrill I believe was somewhere in between!

Once again the learning was multi-faceted, and quite lovely - and in my case filled with laughter and humility!  The instructor was calm and well organized, and had us making use of re-cycled calendars (from the Re-Use centre, another nugget of new learning for me!) to make little notebooks with a multitude of potential uses.  In spite of the fact that my two products are lopsided and somewhat odd looking, I will use them - and I might even do so with an amount of pride!  The experience was also a reminder of the myriad of options provided by EPL for all ages, to be creative, learn, and have fun - it still astounds me!

As #3SkillsYEG draws to a close, I would like to say thank you to my Learning Champion buddies in general, to my individual learning buddy Sherrill, and to EPL and City of Learners manager Alexis for this amazing opportunity.  It has been absolutely joyful, and even more important it has brought me a new consciousness around learning.   I now look at opportunities or activities in an entirely new way - and I am much more likely to say "I could learn that, and I think I will!".   I remain connected with a gym now in an ongoing way, thanks to this initiative, and I am ever grateful for the catalyst that #3SkillsYEG has provided!

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