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Edmonton's New Wards

Edmonton's new Indigenous Ward Names and geographical boundaries will come into effect on Election Day, October 18, 2021. These names were determined by a committee of 17 Indigenous women representing the Anishinaabe, Blackfoot, Cree, Dene, Inuit, Iroquois (Michel Band), Métis and Sioux nations, and help bring awareness to the traditional Indigenous languages of this land.

Find your ward, learn more about the renaming process, and discover the meaning of the names, including their pronunciation.

Interested in learning even more? Join us for Reclaiming Indigenous Names: A Panel Event

For Voters

Find out who’s running as a candidate, opens a new window in the 2021 Edmonton election and where to vote, opens a new window, and take Taproot Edmonton's election survey to see how the candidates' stances compare to your own.

Advance Voting, opens a new window will take place from October 4 to 13 including Thanksgiving Monday (October 11).

Ward map of Edmonton showing location of all EPL branches

All candidates were invited to complete a library-related survey.

Take a look at the responses we received.

O-day’min (Oh-DAY-min)

O-day’min Candidates

Métis (MAY-TEA)

Métis Candidates

Cori Longo

Get to know Cori Longo, candidate for Métis

Salar Melli

Get to know Salar Melli, candidate for Métis

Liz John-West

Get to know Liz John-West, candidate for Métis

James Kosowan

Get to know James Kosowan, candidate for Métis

sipiwiyiniwak (SEE-PEE-WIN-EE-WOK)

sipiwiyiniwak Candidates

Giselle General

Get to know Giselle General, candidate for sipiwiyiniwak

Sarah Hamilton

Get to know Sarah Hamilton, candidate for sipiwiyiniwak

Scott Hayes

Get to know Scott Hayes, candidate for sipiwiyiniwak

Daniel Heikkinen

Get to know Daniel Heikkinen, candidate for sipiwiyiniwak

papastew (PAH-PAH-STAY-OH)

papastew Candidates

pihêsiwin (Pee-hay-soo-win)

pihêsiwin Candidates

Guiscela Perez Arellano

Get to know Guiscela Perez Arellano, candidate for pihêsiwin

Tim Cartmell

Get to know Tim Cartmell, candidate for pihêsiwin

Ipiihkoohkanipiaohtsi (E-pee-ko-ka-nee piu-tsi-ya)

Ipiihkoohkanipiaohtsi Candidates

Jon Morgan

Get to know Jon Morgan, candidate for Ipiihkoohkanipiaohtsi

Rhiannon Hoyle

Get to know Rhiannon Hoyle, candidate for Ipiihkoohkanipiaohtsi

Scott Johnston

Get to know Scott Johnston, candidate for Ipiihkoohkanipiaohtsi

Jennifer Rice

Get to know Jennifer Rice, candidate for Ipiihkoohkanipiaohtsi
Are you a candidate? Help our customers get to know you better by completing this quick survey., opens a new window

Nakota Isga (NA-KOH-TAH EE-SKA)

Nakota Isga Candidates

Andrew Knack

Get to know Andrew Knack, candidate for Nakota Isga

Anirniq (A nirk nik)

Anirniq Candidates

Erin Rutherford

Get to know Erin Rutherford, candidate for Anirniq

Bev Esslinger

Get to know Bev Esslinger, candidate for Anirniq

tastawiyiniwak (TASS-TAW-WIN-EE-WOK)

tastawiyiniwak Candidates

Cody Bondarchuk

Get to know Cody Bondarchuk, candidate for tastawiyiniwak

Dene (DEH-NEH)

Dene Candidates

Lana Palmer

Get to know Lana Palmer, candidate for Dene

Karhiio (Gar-ee-he-o)

Karhiio Candidates

Keren Tang

Get to know Keren Tang, candidate for Karhiio

Tom Shaw

Get to know Tom Shaw, candidate for Karhiio

Mayoral Candidates

Mayoral Candidates

Diana Steele

Get to know Diana Steele, candidate for mayor

Brian (Breezy) Gregg

Get to know Brian (Breezy) Gregg, candidate for mayor

Amarjeet Sohi

Get to know Amarjeet Sohi, candidate for mayor
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