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EPL's First NFT: The Daughters of Walsingham

There has never been an author who has put the only copy of their book for sale as a true non-fungible token (NFT), until now!

EPL is excited to have secured the only copy of The Daughters of Walsingham, a book that was created by Edmonton author Todd Babiak, as a non-fungible token or NFT. The book was purchased using digital currency by local businessman Chris Labossiere, who in turn, has gifted the only digital copy of the book to EPL for the public to access and read for free.

Babiak is the first author in the world to have sold a full novel as an NFT to just one buyer. EPL is the first library to lend an NFT book for free with a library card.

Now you can get instant and FREE access to The Daughters of Walsingham.

About the Book

Todd Babiak wrote The Daughters of Walsingham with his own daughters. A story unlike anything he’d written before. Babiak, had a growing interest in cryptocurrency and all things NFTs. It only made sense to him, to release the book, in the same way it was created: differently.

 About the book:

It is 1962. Gwendolyn Spire is a fourteen year-old girl who lives in a shack in the coldest town in America. Thanks to her mysterious father, she knows things other girls in town do not know, like foreign languages and martial arts.

One day a letter arrives, inviting her to study at the Walsingham Academy, a school in a castle in the South of France. Fearfully, and against her father’s wishes, she decides to go.

When she arrives, Gwendolyn learns she is poorer and less prepared than she ever imagined. The girls of the Walsingham Academy, from all over the world, understand perfectly why they are here. This is the world’s top training school for female spies.

"The nuclear age is upon us. War, daughters of Walsingham, is not what it once was. The end of the human race is not science fiction. It is the whim of a president, a prime minister, a supreme leader. What you thirty beautiful, intelligent, courageous girls have come here to learn is the most important work anyone can do: to quietly save our sisters and our brothers, our sisters and our brothers who do not understand."

Soon at the most dangerous time in the history of the world, Gwendolyn is chosen from among them for a mission that takes her to the Kremlin, the White House, and into her own family’s past.

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What is an NFT?

So what is a non-fungible token (NFT) you might be asking?

Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are cryptographic assets on a blockchain. Each NFT is like a public certificate of authenticity or proof of ownership of real-world objects like art, music, books, in-game items and videos.

Each NFT has unique identification codes and metadata that distinguish them from each other. Because they are stored on blockchains, NFTs can also work to remove intermediaries and connect creative people, such as artists and authors with audiences through public libraries.


First Non-Fungible Token (NFT) Book Available Only at EPL

World’s first book published as a Non-Fungible Token (NFT), The Daughters of Walsingham, available only at EPL with your library card.

About the Author

About Todd Babiak

Todd Babiak is Canadian best-selling author, former Edmontonian and first writer in the world to have sold a full novel, a single book copy as an NFT to just one buyer. His interest in NFTs grew, he looked into the idea of creating an NFT book, took a leap and shared a book in unique way. 

Babiak shared a blog post on LinkedIn about his experience and writing process.

Other titles by Babiak: The Spirits Up, The Empress of Idaho, Come Barbarians, Toby: A Man, Just Getting Started, The Book of Stanley, The Garneau Block, and Choke Hold.


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