Early Reading Part of exploring books for babies is to chew, shake and tear them—have some board books available for this! You can save special books on a high shelf, but place books for daily playing in easily accessible places, like a low shelf or a basket on the floor.</li> Read at least once a…
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Child’s Play

Children learn through play! Limit screen time (TV, computers) when possible—children have a lot of energy and need movement and interaction to be a part of their learning. Studies show that excessive television time negatively impacts language skills. Make a game out of naming objects you see in the house or on the street! Play…
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Tips for reading with a child

How you read is just as important as what you read. Speak slowly and clearly—this helps children hear the little sounds in words Repeat yourself—repetition of key words is important for learning Use short, simple sentences Look at your child while you are talking—children need to see mouths make words so they know how words…
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