Library Tours

Books and librarians and collections, oh my!

A library tour is an experience for all ages. Schools, day cares, clubs and groups can all take out something unique from an EPL tour – and we can customize yours to focus on any area you'd like.

To book a tour, please contact your local library or use our online tour booking form below. Please book your tour a minimum of two weeks in advance. If you need one arranged sooner, please call your preferred branch and we'll do our best to make it happen.

Since your group is going to be at the library, why not get library cards while you’re here? Fill out the application form and send it in to the Library you’re visiting before you come, and you’ll have your new or replacement library card waiting for you when the tour’s over! Please send it in at least 3 days prior to your tour in order to have it processed by the time you arrive. *Please note: Children under 18 need a parent or guarantor to sign their form.

If you want to tour the Makerspace use the Request a Makerspace Tour page.

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