Book a Computer

Have fun or get some work done. We're good with both.

You can book your EPL computer time now for up to seven days in advance.

Book a Computer

EPL library card number and PIN required.

For your convenience and use, all our computers come loaded with programs and services:

  • Internet and email access
  • Printing

Early for your booked time? No problem. Go ahead and use any available computer. A message will appear stating that you already have a booking for the day that you'll need to delete. Don't worry – once you've done this, you'll immediately be able to login to the computer you're at.

Our computer resources are in high demand so please come on time. If you're later than 10 minutes after your booked time, your session will be cancelled. And If you miss two advance bookings within seven days, you will not be able to log on to any computer for the next week.

Cancelling a booking is easy just follow these simple steps:

  1. Login
  2. Go to My Bookings
  3. Find the booking you want to cancel
  4. Click on the "Cancel Booking" button

Our Public Internet Use Policy applies to all users. Please don't abuse this service. It is possible for staff to limit customers who are abusing the service.