Using My EPL Online

What is My EPL?

My EPL (find it in the top menu) is your gateway to using the library online. You can log in using your library bar code and the PIN / password you selected when you got your library card. Click on the Login link, located in the top right corner of this page, or My EPL.. 

One Time Registration

You will need to register for your online account the first time that you log into My EPL. This is done after you get your libray card. Your PIN / password is a secret code that you chose when you signed up your library card. If you do not know your pin contact us or use the Forgot your Password link.

Login box


This page displays your name and birth month and year as you provided them when you signed up for your library card.

First Registration Page


This is the last registration page. Here you are required to enter a username and agree to the Terms of Reference before completing your registration.



Username: a name that you make up (i.e. rkaplan, royk, rk1960) that you can use instead of your library bar code to log in. Your username will be diplayed beside any comments you make. Note: you cannot have a space in your username.

If your username is unavailable then add numbers or letters or change it until it says it is available.

Username unavailable


Email Address: (optional) if you enter an email address then your reminders to pick up books or to return books that are due will be sent to this address.

 Recently Returned

Term of Use

 Terms of Use          Privacy Statement

 My EPL Account

Your My EPL account has all of your borrowing information. Like how many books you have on hold. When your checked out books are due back and if you have fines.

To access your My EPL account. Login using the widget at the top of the left column.

Enter your Library barcode or username and the pin you received when you signed up for your library card. If you do not know your PIN / password contact us or use the Forgot your Password link.

Login box

My Borrowing

My Collection

Or you can use the My EPL menu. Hover the arrow over the words "My EPL" to see the menu.


 Account Settings and Card Renewals

Under account settings you can change your username, your pin and your email.

You can also renew your card in your account's My Settings.

The "Renew Card" link only appears next to the card expiry date one month prior to expiry date. 

To access your account settings first login using your library barcode or username and pin. 


Once you have logged in then click on My EPL in the top menu.

My EPL tab

Click on the "My Settings" link at the top of the page.

Settings link

Here you can change your username, pin and email then click save. Click on the "Renew your card now" link to pay by credit card and renew online.  The "Renew your library card now link"  appears one month before your library card is due to expire.

Account Information page

Search the Catalogue 

Find books, movies, CD's, video games and more.

Enter your search words in the box at the top.

search bar

Select from the drop down menus on the left in order to narrow it down by format (i.e. DVD) audience (i.e. children) etc.

narrow results

To further narrow results choose a topic, language or other specific category.

narrow by topic

To place a hold just click.

place a hold

place hold

confirmation message

If you click on the title or cover of an item you can also place a hold from in the record.

hold in record

Sharing in the Catalogue

There are many ways to share your thoughts on books, movies, music and games with fellow EPL catalogue users. You can write comments about books you have read, rate CD's, and send messages to other users recommending good reads.

add ratings comments etc.

You can also make lists to share with others like "Quite possibly the most pretentious books ever!"

make a list

To see what others are sharing go to the Explore page to read recent reviews/comments, view recently added videos and lists.

recent activity


Your privacy is protected, users can not find out your real identity if your username is anonymous. None of your personal information is available to other users. Your borrowing history is not shared with anyone. 

Privacy Statement

Below is a map of what in your MY EPL account is private and what is public.

private vs. public

How do I keep an item in My Lists or My Collection private?

You can check the box to "keep this item private" you can also make select to make whole lists private the same way.