EPL Film Series

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Join us and other film buffs for one of our entertaining Film Series...each offering something unique.

Since 2004, Cinema at the Centre has shown a wide array of independent, foreign and classic films. Join us every Wednesday in our cozy theatre at 6:30pm for a season of exciting and diverse flicks. FREE admission!

Wednesdays at 6:30 pm

Stanley Milner Library Theatre (basement)

7 Sir Winston Churchill Square

Call (780) 496-7070 for more information




Under The Skin

Wednesday, September 3  | 6:30pm

An alien of unknown origin (Scarlett Johansson) arrives on Earth in search of human prey. Taking the form of the perfect female specimen, she prowls the streets looking for men to lure into her otherworldly lair. Her victims are seduced, stripped of their skin and never heard from again. But as time passes, she grows too comfortable in her borrowed skin, placing her very survival at risk.

2014, USA, 107 minutes, rated 14A






Tim's Vermeer

Wednesday, September 10  | 6:30 pm

Tim Jenison, a Texas based inventor, attempts to solve one of the greatest mysteries in all art: How did 17th century Dutch Master Johannes Vermeer ("Girl with a Pearl Earring") manage to paint so photo-realistically -- 150 years before the invention of photography? Spanning a decade, Jenison's adventure takes him to Delft, Holland, where Vermeer painted his masterpieces; on a pilgrimage to the North coast of Yorkshire to meet artist David Hockney; and eventually even to Buckingham Palace, to see the Queen's Vermeer.

2013, USA, 80 minutes, rated PG





The Animal Project

Wednesday, September 17  | 6:30pm

Leo (Aaron Poole) is a mid-30s widower, single parent, and struggling acting teacher. His relationship with his teenage son (Jacob Switzer) is rocky, and he's dissatisfied with his everyday life. So, after he has an unusual and inspiring dream, he decides to shake things up by having the group of actors he teaches do something called "The Animal Project" -- whereby they will all don furry mascot suits and become 'animals' in the real world. It's a long, rainy night, and not everything goes as planned. But in the process of opening themselves up to the unknown, each participant learns something about themselves.

2013, Canada, 90 minutes, rated PG




Y Tu Mamá También

Wednesday, September 24  | 6:30pm

Abandoned by their girlfriends for the summer, rich teenagers Tenoch and Julio meet older woman Luisa at a wedding. Trying to impress Luisa, the friends invite her on a road trip to a beautiful, secret beach called Boca del Cielo. Along the way Luisa seduces the two young men, and they begin to argue over her. From Oscar-winning director Alfonso Cuoron (Gravity).

2001, Mexico, 106 minutes, 18A, Spanish w/ English subtitles


EPL's From Books to Film series offers free screenings of films adapted from books every Friday afternoon at 2:00pm.

For the month of August we will be following the career of Abigail Breslin, a young American actress.

Please note that with construction in the Makerspace, we will be hosting this month’s films in alternate venues: 

Nim’s Island

Friday, August 1  | 2:00pm
Room 7, 6th floor

Based on the book of the same title by Wendy Orr, Nim’s Island tells the story of a young girl who seeks help from the reclusive author of her favorite adventure series when her father goes missing. The two draw courage from their fictional hero, Alex Rover, and find the strength to save Nim’s island.  This film also stars Jodie Foster and Gerard Butler.

96 minutes (2008) G 




Kit Kittredge: An American Girl

Friday, August 8  | 2:00pm
The Edmonton Room, basement level

This film is based on the American Girl line of dolls, books and accessories and was the first in the series to have a theatrical release.  Breslin plays the part of Margaret Mildred ‘Kit’ Kittredge a young aspiring journalist living in Cincinnati, Ohio during the Great Depression. 

101 minutes (2008) G





My Sister’s Keeper

Friday, August 15  | 2:00pm
Room 7, 6th floor

In this heart wrenching drama, Breslin plays the role of Anna Fitzgerald a young girl who was brought into the world to be savior sister. Upon learning that she was brought into the world for the singular purpose of prolonging her older sister’s life Anna chooses to sue her parents for the right to her own body. This film was based off a novel of the same title by Jodi Picoult.

109 minutes (2009) 14A





August: Osage County

Friday, August 22  | 2:00pm
Room 7, 6th floor

This black comedy-drama film was an adaptation of the Pulitzer Prize-winning play of the same name written by Tracy Letts. August: Osage County tells the story of the strong-willed women of the Weston family who return to the Midwest house they grew up in when a family crisis strikes. Breslin stared in this ensemble cast alongside Julia Roberts and Meryl Streep.   

121 minutes (2013) 14A 




Ender’s Game

Friday, August 29  | 2:00pm
The Edmonton Room, basement level

Ender’s Game follows the story of Andrew “Ender” Wiggins, an unusually gifted child who is send to an advance military academy in outer space to prepare for future alien invasion. This film was based on the military science fiction novel of the same title by acclaimed American author Orson Scott Card. Breslin star’s as Ender’s sister Valentine.

114 minutes (2013) PG  





Call Diego Ibarra at 780-496-7086 for more information or email: dibarra@epl.ca