Book Clubs at EPL

What to read... what to read...

Several EPL branches host and run book clubs for a wide variety of reading tastes. They range from a book club about Vampire Romance, to a book club on non-fiction for pleasure, to a book club for lovers of Greek classics.

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Take a look at the 100+ Book Club Kits in our catalogue to find the right one for you and your book club.

Book Club Kits Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Each book club kit contains 10 books of the same title.
  • Book club kits are only available by placing a hold on the specific title contained in each book kit.
  • Requested book club kits will be sent to your branch (similar to a regular hold) where they can be picked up at the customer service desk.
  • The book club kit loan period is six weeks.
  • Book club kits are renewable if there are no outstanding holds.
  • The member who signed out the book club kit is responsible for the return of the complete book kit which includes the 10 books and the bag.
  • A six dollar replacement fee will be charged for each book that is missing from the book club kit.
  • A fifty dollar replacement fee will be charged if the entire book club kit is lost or misplaced.
  • A fifty dollar replacement fee will be charged if the bag is missing.

Can't find exactly what your book club is looking for? Maybe these databases will help your book club.

  • NoveList Plus 
    Includes Author Read-alikes - a great help when you've read everything by your favorite author. 
  • Fiction Connection
    Find similar books or browse by setting, genre, time period, characters and more. Includes only U.S. titles. 
  • Books & Authors (formerly What Do I Read Next)
    Search by genre and very specific sub-genres (e.g., Mystery - Police Procedural). Helps you find a book based on a book that you like. Also has a keyword based, "Who What Where When" search.