Aboriginal Collection

The Aboriginal Collection at EPL focuses on materials written, performed and/or produced by Aboriginal Peoples. And it's not just about books either... the collection includes Aboriginal music, films, magazines, Aboriginal news sources and Aboriginal language materials.

The following are some of the popular topics in the Aboriginal Collection. These topics include materials available as well as some helpful links to other related information.

To see all lists prepared by Aboriginal Services at EPL, click here.

Aboriginal Art and Artists
Our Aboriginal Art and Artists collection contains materials by artists who use traditional Aboriginal methods and styles. We also have books that showcase contemporary styles. 

Aboriginal Videos (DVDs)
Our Aboriginal video collection contains DVDs with Aboriginal actors, producers and directors. We have promotional videos from Edmonton Aboriginal organizations and on topics of interest to Aboriginal Peoples. We also carry feature films and documentaries.

Aboriginal Music and Musicians
Check back often for new additions to our growing Aboriginal music collection! We have everything from Powwow and Métis fiddle music to hip hop, country, and rock. Don't see your favourite artist in our collection? Suggest we buy their CD and tell us where to get it.

Aboriginal Newspapers and Magazines
Keep up to date with the happenings in the Aboriginal communities around Alberta and throughout Canada with our newspapers and magazines. There are both actively published and archived titles in the collection. Don't see your favourite Aboriginal newspaper or magazine in our collection? Suggest we buy it.

Language Resources
EPL collects resources to aid in the preservation of Aboriginal languages. We have a variety of materials for children and adults in several languages. Visit the links below for EPL resources, as well as selected online resources.

Aboriginal Religion and Spirituality
Sacred traditions of Aboriginal Peoples are respected and honoured at EPL. These resources provide information about ceremonies, traditions and medicines representing a number of Aboriginal Nations and Tribes. Contemporary Aboriginal perspectives on religion are also represented in this collection.

Aboriginal Legends and Folklore
These materials consist of stories that have been passed down through the oral tradition for generations. They have been written down for future generations to learn from. Topics include Creation, weather, the Four Directions and animals.

Books and Other Materials for Children
The Aboriginal Collection contains books, movies, and music for children. Not sure where to start? Click on the links below to see what we have. Some items have summaries of the story; click the Summaries tab near the bottom of an item’s page to read more!

Books for Teens and Adults
Looking for stories written by Aboriginal authors? Our collections include the works of Thomas King, Thompson Highway, Eden Robinson, Drew Hayden Taylor, and many more. Remember to check back for new arrivals!

Elders and Older Adults
The Aboriginal Collection has resources about Traditional Knowledge and the wisdom of Elders who teach us. Can’t find what you are looking for, or have more specific questions that you want answered? Try contacting your local Native Friendship Center to help you find an Elder and teach you how to ask them.

Two-Spirited Peoples
These resources are intended to educate about the gender identity and spirituality of Two-Spirited Peoples. You’ll find books in the Aboriginal Collection, as well as some links to organizations for Two-Spirits, through this link.

Women's Resources
These resources are about celebrating the gifts, talents, and abilities of Aboriginal women. They include works that celebrate the accomplishments of Aboriginal women, tell their stories of struggles and successes, and honour the great Aboriginal women throughout history.