Have you Freegal'd yet?

This music store is open 24/7 and all you need is your library card!

Freegal Music allows you to download songs from Sony Music Canada and IODA to your computer or portable media device...for FREE. Browse hundreds of thousands of song titles with new ones being added every day from best-selling artists in over 100 genres. Listen, download and never worry about buyer’s remorse - keep the tracks you want and delete those you don't.

How does Freegal work?

EPL card holders can download three (3) Sony Music Canada songs in the MP3 format each week for FREE! Simply visit the Freegal site (http://edmonton.freegalmusic.com) and log in using your EPL card number and PIN. That's it...there's no special software required and no digital rights management (DRM) issues.

Do I need a specific device to listen to the music?

When you download the MP3 file, you can listen to it on your computer (Mac or PC) or add it to any MP3 player. You can also add these files to your iTunes library and sync it to your iPod or iPhone (same as for any other MP3 file).

Do my downloaded songs expire?

No. Once the file is downloaded it's yours - it never expires and you never have to return it.

How do I get to Freegal?

Just go to epl.ca, click on the Digital Content tab, select eMusic, then click on the Freegal Music link. Once there, log in using your EPL card number and PIN...you'll be searching and downloading free and legal music in seconds!