Book Mobile - 1941

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1941 - One of North America's most unusual "travelling libraries", a converted streetcar, started serving the Calder area.

1947 - A bookmobile was added to serve other areas in Edmonton.

1956 - The three vehicles used as "travelling libraries" were retired. Wells Corporation of Windsor, Ontario, was commissioned to build a better-equipped bookmobile.

1960-61 - Two more bookmobiles were built by Edmonton Truck Body Ltd. These bookmobiles were open to the public 54 hours, making 28 stops per week.

1974 - The Library decentralized its Bookmobile Service. Book trailers were ordered from Mond, Ontario. The three trailers and a tractor unit cost $105,000.

1982 - Library phased out two of the booktrailers and phased in a more cost-effective bookmobile.

1987 - On February 25, a data radio was installed in the bookmobile which linked it to the Library's mainframe computer for easy checkout, for staff to look for information in the catalogue, and fines.

1991 - Bookmobile and telephone renewal services were cancelled due to budget restraints.


Streetcar, Interior

EPL Book Mobile 1950

Early Book Mobile


EPL Book Mobile Trailer

EPL Book Mobile Trailer

EPL Trailer

Book Mobile customers

Book Mobile