EPL's Community-led Service Philosophy

We are bigger than our buildings.

We strengthen neighbourhoods and communities by creating connections and understanding needs. We go beyond traditional boundaries, fostering collaborative relationships to build relevant and responsive library services.

EPL's Community-Led Service Philosophy is a framework for EPL to build relationships and to improve our ability to identify and address customer needs. It pushes us to constantly look for ways to partner within our community, build relationships that help improve our services and find ways to better meet our community needs.

EPL’s focus is on anyone facing barriers to using library services – from people who are homeless and socially excluded to the middle-class mom who has had a bad customer experience during a program and does not want to return to the library. Another barrier could be simply a lack of awareness of library services.  Additionally, the Community-Led Service Philosophy is a context for working collaboratively with organizations, providing space for non-library programs which meet the needs of communities/individuals using the library.

Read our  Community-Led Service Philosophy Toolkit  - May 2010, Revised March 2013 (77 pages, PDF)

Read our Community-Led Handbook - January 2014 (9 pages, PDF)

Read our Top Five Barriers to Library Access and Recommendations for Eliminating those Barriers - March 2014 (42 pages, PDF)