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Digital Discovery and Access Reports

The 2013-2014 Digital Discovery and Access Intern Librarian explored ways to provide EPL users with an enhanced online search and discovery experience. Several project reports were completed based on the intern’s research, including (1) recommendations for improving the organization of and access to EPL’s music CD collection, (2) a comparison of content enrichment service providers, and (3) ways to streamline digital access through single sign-on (SSO).

Digital Public Spaces Reports

Working towards EPL’s goal to evolve our digital environment, the 2013-2014 Digital Public Spaces Intern Librarian investigated innovative digital services at libraries and other cultural institutions in the US and Canada and recommended digital service directions. The following reports contain research results and recommendations.

Library Spaces Reports

In May 2011 the Edmonton Public Library hired two interns to explore and analyze how customers use EPL's spaces and to develop recommendations and implementation strategies for service improvements and layout adjustments. The interns completed five reports based on their research.